History of Science (since 1700)

Back at my old blog I used to post slides from my course, Origins, Evolution and Creation and some folks seemed to enjoy them. This semester I’m teaching History of Science II, an episodic survey of science since 1700 (thought the early portions by necessity cover pre-1700 happenings). I’m dithering about posting slides from the course here at WG (and am already four weeks into the course). That said, if folks are interested, I’ll post. Comment below.


About John M. Lynch

teacher, historian, biologist, beer snob. not necessarily in that order.
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6 Responses to History of Science (since 1700)

  1. Slides good. Please post.

  2. OK. I’ll get to it …

  3. They’re going to appear one a day until I get up to date (by the 24th) and then they will be posted twice a week until the end of the semester (early December).

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