Nicky, Jerry and Andy a story of Renaissance publishing.

Today’s birthday boy is probably the most notorious of all Renaissance scholars, Girolamo Cardano (24th September 1501 – 21st September 1576) usually known in English as Jerome Cardan or Hieronymus Cardanus. Cardano was a physician, mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, philosopher, engineer, professional gambler and magician who regularly consulted with the spirit of his dead father who had taught him his necromancy. He is regarded by many as the founder of modern algebra, he became the most successful physician in Europe whose medical works were only outsold by those of Andreas Vesalius, he was the most widely read philosophical author of his age and the most highly regarded astrologer who was thrown into prison for casting the horoscope of Jesus and from his prison cell became the Pope’s personal astrologer. There are not many scholars in the history of science, who can rival Cardano. However I am not going to write about Cardano’s scientific and social achievements but about his publishing activities because he shared both his North European editor and publisher with Nicolaus Copernicus. (…)

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Aging freak who fell in love with the history of science and now resides mostly in the 16th century.
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