On the origins of creativity

I’m not a very creative guy. I had an idea back in the 1970s, but I managed not to do anything about it in time for someone else to do something with an almost identical idea. I think I dodged a bullet: once you come up with one great idea, they’re going to want you do come up with another, and so I would have ended up even more of a disappointment to my mother. It’s best not to raise expectations.

But John Cleese is somewhat creative, and so this video of a talk he gave in Germany recently is interesting. Cleese asserts that he gets his ideas on a postcard each Monday from some guy in Kent; in short that he doesn’t know the origins of ideas. On my blog, I suggest one. It’s not original…

About John S. Wilkins

PhD in HPS - published on species concepts and classification, among other topics. Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne. AAHPSSS.net.au webmaster
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