HSS Annual Meeting (Nov 4 – 7)

The History of Science Society annual meeting is rapidly approaching and is to be held in Montreal on November 4th through 8th. As always, there are lots of interesting sessions, but as a member of the Committee on Education, I’d like to highlight our session (the plenary) on Thursday evening. Titled “The Challenges and Opportunities of Interdisciplinary Teaching,” it will feature four brief presentations followed by a Q&A session moderated by myself. Here’s the blurb for the session:

Though founded in a different context, the History and Philosophy of Science have ridden on a wave of interest in interdisciplinary programs. From Arizona State’s Biology and Society Program to Science Studies to HPS programs, we teach courses that are supposed to cover a wide swath of interdisciplinary components. This session will include a discussion of the challenges of teaching interdisciplinary courses in both undergraduate and graduate programs, drawing on the experience of both historians of science and philosophers of science. Questions include: What are the challenges of teaching interdisciplinary graduate classes versus undergraduate classes? What is interdisciplinary about History and Philosophy of Science courses?  What strategies have people developed for dealing with these challenges? Why is it worth it?

The session is co-sponsored by the Philosophy of Science Association (who are meeting with HSS this year).

Any readers going to be at HSS or PSA?

About John M. Lynch

teacher, historian, biologist, beer snob. not necessarily in that order.
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15 Responses to HSS Annual Meeting (Nov 4 – 7)

  1. darwinsbulldog says:

    I’m not able to go this year. It was nice to have been able to meet you, John, last year in Phoenix, though.

  2. Beto Pimentel says:

    I am, and the subject actually interests me. I only hope it does not coincide with HSS poster session (in which I am presenting).

  3. We should convene a blogger panel at a bar somewhere. I’ll bring the AV equipment.

  4. Rebekah Higgitt says:

    Hmm – I’m feeling left out. Don’t discuss anything too interesting without me!

  5. Beto Pimentel says:

    Montréal + HSS + bloggers + bar + laptop + WiFi = Rebekah with us!

  6. I hope to make John’s session Thurs night. Anyone up for a beer afterward? John’s a beer snob but I think Montreal will have microbrews acceptable to his refined palate 😉

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