Splashdowns: Why Change a Good Thing?

I’ve recently begun the task of revisiting and reorganizing my master’s thesis in the hope of turning it into a book. The paper examines the push by NASA to incorporate a pilot-controlled land landing system into its second- and third-generation Gemini and Apollo spacecraft. Once I started getting into the research surrounding the land landing programs, I found the rationale behind the shift to be much more justified than at first glance, and certainly more than just a bunch of complaints from displeased astronauts. Continue to Vintage Space to read why more than just test pilot ego spurred the move away from the now iconic splashdown landings.

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3 Responses to Splashdowns: Why Change a Good Thing?

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  2. Allan, a.k.a. RocKiteman_2001 says:

    FWIW: “Splashdowns” are IMO a MAJOR STEP BACKWARD for space vehicle recovery. With ALL the research done with Rogallo-derived parawings, AND the later research done with Jalbert-derived parafoils {including the cancelled X-38}, AND the computational power available now {21st century} that WAS NOT available in the 1960’s, certainly SOMETHING can be done to allow for controlled landings ON LAND….

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