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Kepler’s divine geometry.

Egil, the host for this month’s edition of The Giants’ Shoulders, wants esoteric episodes from the history of science for his Giants’ Shoulders, nobody in the history of science is more esoteric than Johannes Kepler.  Almost single handedly, Kepler dismantled … Continue reading

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The Big Bang

Slides from my History of Science class this coming Tuesday.

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Exploded systems: views of alchemy in the 19th century

As has been highlighted in previous posts, we historians of science are on our guard against being whiggish in our discussions of past science but, in the process, have a tendency to be just that in our treatment of historiography: we … Continue reading

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Galileo’s great bluff and part of the reason why Kuhn is wrong.

Somebody recently linked to one of my earlier posts on Galileo and as I flew over the contents I was reminded of a promise that I had made there that I would discuss Galileo’s failure to acknowledge Tycho Brahe’s geo-heliocentric … Continue reading

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Last week we spent two classes on Einstein’s life and work. Overall, a fairly simplistic presentation but probably sufficient to get the students grounded in some of the ideas. Next lecture (on quantum mechanics) is by my teaching assistant and … Continue reading

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[Review] The Voyage That Shook The World

In June 2009, Creation Ministries International released a docu-drama, The Voyage That Shook The World, that purported to offer a realistic view of Darwin’s life and achievements. It created a bit of a stir in how it treated comments made by historians Peter … Continue reading

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There are just ten days left till Giant’s Shoulders #29 which means you have just nine days to submit your contributions to the Esoteric Science special edition hosted by Egil Asprem at Heterodoxology who says, To the layman, the natural … Continue reading

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