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John Who? The sixth Astronomer Royal

Over on the Longitude Project blog, the last few posts have focused heavily Nevil Maskelyne, 5th Astronomer Royal and a key player in the Board of Longitude, the bicentenary of whose death was marked last week. However, 2011 also inevitably marks 200 … Continue reading

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The rise and fall of astrology

The status of astrology in Europe, as we understand it today, and its respectability as an academic discipline has gone up and down like a roller coaster over the centuries since it emerged in ancient Greece in the 5th century … Continue reading

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Old Concepts of Life on Venus and Mars

I’ve recently posted about the pre-space age exploration of Venus and Mars. Both planets have an interesting history in the larger picture of man’s  understanding of the cosmos. The Victorian era is especially interesting – telescopes could discern surface features and increased knowledge of … Continue reading

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What more do you want? A knighthood?

Michael Barton blogged recently about a document that annoyed me to distraction when I first saw it. It’s a Yahoo Answers conversation about why Charles Darwin didn’t get a knighthood. Notwithstanding that nobody cites a whit of evidence for anything, … Continue reading


The Empty Building

Is this the history of astronomy exhibition “From Babylon to Einstein”? Yes But it’s an empty building!

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What are science museums for?

There has of late been a lot of attention focused on one small corner of the Science Museum of London. Not, sadly, the Science in the 18th Century Gallery I mentioned in a previous post but an exhibit within the … Continue reading

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On the seventh day…

The history of science masterpieces that you create will appear in just seven days on the next edition of the Giants’ Shoulders Blog Carnival, which will be hosted by the immaculate Dr SkySkull at Skulls in the Stars on 16th February. … Continue reading

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