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Nürnberg: Pencil Capital of the World!

The title of this post is something I wrote in a comment on my previous post on Conrad Gesner. Nürnberg which is home-base to two of the world’s largest produces of drawing and writing instruments Faber-Castell and Staedtler Mars, both of whom … Continue reading

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Putting the lead in your pencil

Anyone who has regularly reads this blog (does anybody regularly read this blog?) will perhaps be aware of the fact that I have a soft spot for polymaths. There is an expression in German “Fachidiot”, which translates as “discipline idiot” … Continue reading

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Three in one, and all alone

On Saturday I was in Cambridge, with the Cambridge Science Festival in full flow. I was there to be a panelist for an event called Can You Make A Difference? but during the afternoon I also took in the play Let Newton Be!, written … Continue reading

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Giants’ Shoulders #34 update

Hi Sascha here again, that’s me relaxing after all the hard work of putting Giants’ Shoulders #33 together for your delectation. The nice Jai at From the Hands of Quacks has taken up my challenge and will be hosting Giants’ Shoulders … Continue reading

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History of Science through the eyes of a dog: Giants’ Shoulders #33

That’s me Sascha the canine philosopher doing some fieldwork hunting down the best history of science posts from the last month for the Giants’ Shoulders carnival. They said I had bitten off more than I could chew that a dog … Continue reading

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Not exactly Rocket Science

Before computers could generate predictions of how various spacecraft designs would fare, say, during a fiery reentry from space, NASA used some more basic methods. In selecting the ultimate design for the Mercury capsule, engineers used now-antiquated techniques. They dropped … Continue reading

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Ich bin a Gastblogger III: Drinking from the same well

I’m an alien I’m a legal alien I’m an Englishman in Nürnberg1   As an English historian of mathematics living in Germany another question that I have had put to me several times by those with somewhat more knowledge of … Continue reading

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