Geological risks and human society

A month after the earthquake and the Tsunami that devastated the western coast of Honshu people begin to realize how vulnerable even a modern society can be if hit by a massive geological disasters.
From all known geological phenomena surely earthquakes are one of the most terrifying, it seems no wonder that civilizations all over the world recorded them or attributed the shaking of the underground to mythical, often malevolent, creatures or gods.
The earthquake of March 11. is unfortunately only a last example of a long record of earthquakes and Tsunamis in the  Japanese culture, both  in myths as official documents we found the stories of eyewitnesses of the devastation and misery experienced by the survivors. These stories can act as warning, but also as documents of the adaptability of humans to mitigate and deal with catastrophes.  Modern and future generations should learn from the experience of the past, as a commemorative plaque in the village of Portici, remembering the eruption of Vesuvius in 1631, states  “”Descendant, descendants, it is about You, today illuminates tomorrow with its light.

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