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An auspicious day to found an observatory

The Royal Observatory has several possible birthdays. I have, for example, seen it given as 4 March or 22 June 1675. The first is the date of Charles II’s Royal Warrant that ordered the Board of Ordnance to pay for … Continue reading

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Civilization and its contents: how the world’s earliest cities manifest Neolithic carnal excesses

Being primarily a note on V Gordon Childe ( (1892 – 1957) and the definition of civilization. “Libraries”, Foucault said, “are the habitat of Man.”  I was in a university library when I read this.  It was the Arts library … Continue reading

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Object lessons: history, collections and science museums

Two things on the internet recently caught my eye, which relate to a question I waded into earlier this year: What are science museums for? They also, of course, relate to my job as a curator with responsibility for the … Continue reading

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