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It’s that time again!

  The Giants’ Shoulders History of Science Blog Carnival needs you!   If you have a blog and would like to host the coolest, most bad assed, and totally unbelievable blog carnival in the multiverse then we’ve got just the … Continue reading

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Visiting Woolsthorpe

Recently, on an evocatively misty day, I finally had the chance to visit Woolsthorpe Manor, the National Trust property that was once Isaac Newton’s family home. It was, you might think, high time I did so, given my interest in Newton’s … Continue reading

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Touching and feeling: Henry Moyes redux

I have received several suggestions about what the natural philosopher Henry Moyes was holding in the portrait I showed in my last post. I posted some further thoughts on these, another image of Moyes and a fascinating account of his … Continue reading

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The Cult of St Alan of Bletchley Park

I realise that to rail against anything published in the Daily Fail is about as effective as pissing against the wind in a force 8 gale but this article on Alan Turing got so up my nose that I have decided to … Continue reading

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Sights and sounds: darkness and silence

Over at Teleskopos, I consider two remarkable men and their portraits: John Goodricke, a deaf astronomer, and Henry Moyes, a blind chemist.

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Today’s longitude prize?

Today saw the announcement of the Queen Elizabeth Engineering Prize, offering £1 million for exceptional advances in engineering. It will be awarded biannually to individuals or teams of up to two people. Unsurprisingly, David Cameron, announcing the prize at the … Continue reading

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Creative, historical (non-)fiction

A post musing on history and history of science in creative non-fiction and fiction, plus a review of the historical, astronomical, romantic novel Variable Stars. [Read more]

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