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Midwifery in the evolution of science

Georg Joachim Rheticus who was born 16th February 1514 was responsible for persuading Copernicus to publish his De revolutionises but who was he? to find the answer go here

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Apart from Muhammad Ali there aint no such thing as ‘The Greatest’

A post in which I take Larry Moran to task for being stupid and explain why in my opinion the concept of the the greatest in science is rubbish. [read more here]

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A conversation about science and progress

Over on teleskopos, I have tried to recapture a twitter conversation between me (@beckyfh), Thomas Soderqvist (@museionist), Thony Christie (@rmathematicus), James Poskett (@jamesposkett) on science and progress. It all started with a question from @dannybirchall… [Read more]

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Frauds, Fakes and Fossils

Almost every student of earth sciences knows the hoax perpetuated on poor Dr. Johann Bartholomäus Adam Beringer (1667-1738), often told in textbooks as warning of blind faith and argument from authority in science. However careful study of the still existing “lying … Continue reading

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Wanting to believe

Sometimes, the extent to which people see what they wish to see seems truly remarkable. However, we shouldn’t be surprised that this very human affliction affects even those with a training or long practice in observation and logic. An article in … Continue reading

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