Hans Peter from Langendorf

On this day in 2009 The Renaissance Mathematicus first crept warily out into the vast depths of cyberspace. As it’s our third birthday I decided it’s about time to talk about our blog banner. With the exception of a short period where my banner was a photo of the Schnuppy Puppy to honour her passing, The Renaissance Mathematicus has had the same banner since the day it was launched and will continue to do so as long as it exists because this banner perfectly represents many of the things that this blog is about. Now most people don’t pay much attention to blog banners. They might glance at them casually in passing before settling down to read the newest postings. I had a nice anecdotal proof of this as one of my regular, normally attentive, readers actually asked me whether the building displayed on my blog banner is still in existence. So what is it?[to read the answer go here]

About thonyc

Aging freak who fell in love with the history of science and now resides mostly in the 16th century.
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