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Giants’ Shoulders #49: The “Crisis what Crisis?” edition.

Finally with more than somewhat of a delay you are reading the 49th edition of the history of science blog carnival On Giants’ Shoulders. Should you not be aware of the significance of the title then please read the previous post here at … Continue reading

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Standing on the Shoulders of Bloggers: Carnival frustration searing my soul.

In the last few days I have had a few tweets inquiring about the present and future of Standing on the Shoulders of Giants the history of science blog carnival; what follows are some thoughts on the health (or better … Continue reading

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Two posts on the Three Societies

For your delectation, here are two posts in advance of this week’s Three Societies meeting in Philadelphia. On the Longitude Blog I have given the session and paper abstracts for the Longitude Project’s session, ‘Defining the Instrumental’. On teleskopos I … Continue reading

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Way out west, looking for Lewis and Clark

What better day to reach the heartland of America than 4th July? After my transatlantic crossing, I took a short hop from Chicago to St Louis, Missouri, taking off shortly after dusk at 9pm and landing at 9.40. The towns … Continue reading

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Spat out of Nature by Nature: Konrad Lorenz and the Rise and Fall of Ethology

Jackdaws (Corvus monedula), widespread crows throughout Ireland, make delightful pets.  A school friend of mine in Dublin, Sean Farrell, kept one for a few months back in the late 1970s when we were both in our early teens.  The bird had broken … Continue reading


The Virgin Queen was in reality John Dee in drag.

The rumbling you can hear in the background is the HISTSCI HULK playing skittles with some skyscrapers. He’s all riled up and wants to place a big green foot in Carole Jahme’s butt and propel her into publishing purgatory. What … Continue reading

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