On and upwards?! A question for you all

Some of you who follow me on Twitter will by now have heard today’s news, which is the launch of my new blog. Having launched teleskopos only just over a year ago, my main blogging efforts are now migrating over to The H Word on the Guardian Science Blogs network.

The H Word: Higgitt & Heggie is a joint effort with Vanessa Heggie. Today we launched with an introductory post from me – History of Science: Putting the ‘H’ in The H Word – and a rant (her words!) from Vanessa on attitudes forward the history of sex testing at the Olympic games.

I will, of course, continue to blog over on the Longitude Project Blog, and I will cross-post. The question is where: here or teleskopos? And should I cross-post posts from The H Word – again, here or there? Like Thony in his recent open question on the future of The Giant’s Shoulders, I want to canvass views.

The main reasons for cross-posting would be to continue maintaining WG (or teleskopos) as a living community. This is partly for sentimental reasons, partly because I may have things to say that I don’t feel I want to share with the wider Guardian readership and, chiefly, because I feel there is nice community here (and on teleskopos) that comments intelligently. Are there people here, with sensible and interesting things to say, who would rather have a discussion here than on the Guardian site?

About Rebekah Higgitt

Rebekah Higgitt completed a PhD in the history of science at Imperial College London in 2004 and did postdoctoral research at the University of Edinburgh. She was Curator of History of Science and Technology at the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory, Greenwich between 2008 and 2013 and is now a senior lecturer in the School of History at the University of Kent. Her research and publications have mainly focused on scientific institutions, scientific biography, history of science and the relationship between science, government and the public in 19th-century Britain. She became Principal Curator of Science at National Museums Scotland in August 2020 and is currently also Acting Keeper of Science & Technology.
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3 Responses to On and upwards?! A question for you all

  1. Congratulations on your new gig. I shall, of course, be subscribing.

    Cross-posting is a difficult issue: it tends to fragment feedback. Personally, I would always prefer to add feedback to the blogger’s personal blog, rather than add unpaid content to a newspaper’s site. But I would also rather comment where most of the other comments are likely to be, which will, presumably be on the newspaper site. This problem already exists with plenty of other blogs: do I comment on the blog post itself, or on the tweet/G+ post/F*cebook posts that links to it? Out of preference, it will always be the blog post, but I suspect I am old-fashioned, and in an increasing minority these days.

    The other problem with cross-posting is that, as I subscribe to all of your RSS feeds, I will end up seeing your posts more than once. But I wouldn’t worry about that one too much, as it already happens in plenty of other places.

    So, no answer, basically. I should be troubled with such problems!

    Congratulations again, though.

  2. Actually, on second thoughts, I do have something of a problem with commenting on the Guardian blog: the Guardian insists that I register with them (which I did a long time ago: I am GrutsForTea); but this prevents me from commenting using my usual online history-of-science ‘persona’, Friends of (Charles) Darwin. Yes, I could create a FOCD Guardian persona, I suppose, but it’s diluting what little I have of a brand.

    But ‘whatever’. Carry on!

  3. Rebekah Higgitt says:

    Thanks Richard – I agree that all the formats are making things confusingly repetitive or fragmented. I hope things will begin to simplify at some point!

    Perhaps I’ll just have to try it all out and see….

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