June 8, 1783: How the “Laki-eruptions” changed History

The sun fades away, the land sinks into the sea, the bright stars  disappear from the sky,
as smoke and  fire  destroy  the world,
and the flames reach the sky.
The End of the World according to the “Völuspa“, a collection of Icelandic myths compiled in the 13th century.

June 8, 1783 marks the beginning of a volcanic eruption that will change history

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1 Response to June 8, 1783: How the “Laki-eruptions” changed History

  1. Benjamin Hill says:

    The gods had always been alert to the dangers that might approach from their ancient enemies, the giants. For this reason they had appointed the god Heimdall to watch the sky for any threat and give a signal with a blast of his trumpet; it was said that this god, ever alert to danger, could hear the grass grow. But now the Aesir began to have disturbing dreams. We relate the story of Baldar in the Comparative Myth reading entitled “Loki, the Teutonic Divine Trickster.” It is the death of Baldar, the most beautiful and beloved of the Aesir, and the subsequent binding of Loki and his escape, that accelerate the omens of the slaughter that is to come.

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