Whewell Gazette: Vol. 4

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Volume #4

Monday 14 July 2014


Our fourth volume starts with a special collection of post celebrating the 158th birthday of the Serbia-American inventor engineer Nikola Tesla. In our Meta section you can find a post titled, “Beyond Tesla: History’s Most Overlooked Scientists”. This implies that Tesla has been overlooked and that others have suffered an even worse fate. Now, whilst it might be true that in an earlier age historians of science and/or technology have not paid enough attention to the life and work of this fascinating thinker but we feel the time is long past when this claim could or should be made. The last twenty to thirty years has seen a major boom in Tesla studies both popular and academic and one could now claim that he gets more attentions than he deserves at the cost of others. Put quite simply we think people should stop claiming that their hero Nikola Tesla has been overlooked, ignored, under researched or what ever and instead start addressing the myths that have been created by those pushing his historical claim to fame.




Motherboard: Nikola Tesla’s Pro-Eugenics, Anti-Coffee Portrait of the Future

Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake Machine

Atlas Obscura: Belgrade Tesla Museum

Atlas Obscura: New Yorker Hotel

Atlas Obscura: Nikola Tesla Street Corner

Niagara Gazette: Long Island Tesla museum gets a boost


Modern Physics: An Historical Overview of the Development of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory, Relativity and Cosmology

The H-Word: The private lives of Isaac Newton

Corpus Newtonicum: Newton’s Working Practices (1) – Catchy Stuff…

The Newton Papers: Dirty Laundry

Yovisto: Samuel Goudsmit and the Electron Spin


The H-Word: Saving the bacon dutrng the First World War

Guardian Political Science: Beds not Bombs: The history of anti-nuclear medical campaigning and protest

Diseases of Modern Life – Nineteenth Century Perspectives: The Nausea of Noise

Nursing Clio: A history of Neglect

Atlas Obscura: Morbid Monday: Hazardous Dr Hazard, Whose Cure was Starvation

Culture 24: Search for 16th and 17th century plague victims ahead of London skeleton excavation

Circulating Now: Illustrating De Fabrica

The Recipes Project: A Medieval Russian Hangover Cure

Wellcome Library: Spotlight: the story of a medieval chapel over time

Neurorhetoric: Brain Stimulation: Why Now, But Not Then?

The Recipes Project: Testing Drugs and Trying Cures Workshop Summary

Wellcome Library: The Great War on Disfiguring Injuries

Vox: The 19th-century health scare that told women to worry about “bicycle face”

DPLA: Wartime Mosquito Posters

Mosquito Poster

Southern Cross University: An Australian history of the subordination of midwifery (eBook)


Chemical Heritage Foundation: Podcast: Intoxication & Civilisation: Beer’s Ancient Past


Letters from Gondwanda: The Early History of Ammonite Studies in Italy

The New York Academy of Medicine: A Gallery of Gauzy Wings

Hill Rock Day Fly Watermark

Hill Rock Day Fly Watermark

Science: Ancient bird had wingspan longer than a stretch limo

DPLA: 14th century bugs!

Trowel Blazers: Charlotte Murchison

A Glonk’s HPS Blog: Download my thesis – ‘Genetics, Statistics, and Regulations at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany, 1919–1969’

The Friends of Charles Darwin: 11th July, 1836: Darwin visits Napoleon

Embryo Project: Mitochondria


Bridgeman Images: The Evolution of the Bicycle

Teleskopos: Longitude in Lisbon

The Appendix: The Invention of Wireless Cryptography


Board of Longitude Project: Why longitude mattered in 1714

Guardian: Exhibition Review: Maritime museum finds time for celebration of HarrisonS sea clocks

H-Word: Pictorial Exhibition Review: Ships, Clocks & Stars

The first Longitude Act, given royal assent by Queen Anne on 9 July 1714.

The first Longitude Act, given royal assent by Queen Anne on 9 July 1714.

Chemical Heritage Foundation: Video: Two Tales of Ballooning

Ptak Science Books: 200,000,000 Pounds of Buttocks–Or–Putting the Color Back in the Black-and-White

Conciatore: The Material of All Enamel

Yovisto: The Airplanes of Claude Dornier

History Extra: London bridges through timeBridge

Science Notes: Today in Science History: George Eastman


Early Modern Experimental Philosophy: ‘Epistemic amplification’ and Newton’s laws

Medicine, ancient and modern: Thoughts on the first “Galen Day” at Warwick

ISIS: OA Article: History and Neuroscience: An Integrative Legacy

The Recipes Project: First Monday Library Chat: Royal College of Physicians

University of Cambridge Museums: Every Boy & Girl a Scientist


Yovisto: Alfred Binet and the Intelligence Test

Online Guide to Huntington Collections in the History of Science

ISIS: Focus: (OA) Knowing the Oceans: A Role for the History of Science

The Renaissance Mathematicus: Guest Post: The history of “scientist” by Melinda Baldwin

Live Science: Beyond Tesla: History’s Most Overlooked Scientists

Video: Alan Turing

Sound Cloud: Siren FM: Science: Robert Hooke

BBC: Podcast: Dr Alun Withey looks back at medical history


Conciatore: Flexible Glass Reprise


Conciatore: Exhibition Review: Art and Alchemy

History of Alchemy: Podcast: Bernard Trevisan


Broadway World: Mark H Dold to star in Barrington Stage’s BREAKING THE CODE; 7/17–8/2 (Alan Turing)


CHoM News: Paul M. Zoll: Father of Cardiac Electrotherapy

Fiction Reboot : Daily Dose: MedHum Mondays: New Books You Should Be Reading!

H-Net: From Pathology to Public Sphere: The German Deaf Movement 1848–1914

Brain Pickings: Free Radicals: How Anarchy and Serendipity Fueled Science, from Newton to Tesla to Steve Jobs


International Conference on the 900th Birth Anniversary of BHĀSKARĀCĀRYA

Royal Society Publishing: Free Trial

New Book: Mary Terrall, “Catching Nature in the Act: Réaumur and the Practice of Natural History in the Eighteenth Century

Forbidden Histories: Lecture: The Case of Glossolalia by Vincent Barras

New Book: Hysteria: The Rise of an Enigma

Gravity Fields: Lecture: Dr Anna Marie Roos: Newton and the Apothecary

Gravity Fields: Lecture: Dr Philip Brohan: New Uses for Old Weather

Diseases Of Modern Life: Conference: Panel on Technology and Disease at the 41st Symposium of ICOHTEC, Braşov, Romania, 29 July-2 August 2014

New Book: Geology: Frederic W Harmer: A Scientific Biography

Finding Ada: Sign up for ALD Newsletter

Technology’s Stories: Call for Participants in SHOT’S Three minute Dissitation Video Contest

Society for the Social History of Medicine: SSHM Undergraduate Prize Competition, 2014

New Book: Joseph Wright of Derby: Bath and Beyond

Royal Museums Greenwich:Longitudes Examined: Tercentenary Conference on the History of the Board of Longitude and the Determination of Longitude at Sea


CfP: The Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science (SAHMS) Seventeenth Annual Meeting

Call for Manuscripts: Journal of Trauma Nursing


The Royal Society: Four Vacancies!



















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