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Monday 08 December 2014


In the seven days covered by this, the twenty-fifth edition of the #histSTM links collection Whewell’s Gazette there have been two major #histSTM stories dominating the Internet. On the positive side the digital Einstein archive has gone online making vast quantities of Einstein stuff available to all and sundry. On the negative side misogynist, racist Nobel Laureate James Watson auctioned off his Nobel Prize medal to much clamour and ridicule throughout the Internet. Both events get a special section in this week’s edition.

In other news this week saw the start of Advent and because our editorial staff are too lazy to produce their own Advent calendar we have simply borrowed the #histSTM themed one posted by physics professor, science blogger and pop science author (and all round good fellow) Chad Orzel.

Uncertain Principles: Advent Calendar of Science Stories

1. Famous Exclamation

2. Begin at the Beginning

3. Iceman

4. Solstice

5. Philosophers in the Sun

6. Party in Mesopotamia

7. Apocryphal Empress

Women preparing silk, painted around 1100 by Emperor Huizong of Song; from Wikimedia.

Women preparing silk, painted around 1100 by Emperor Huizong of Song; from Wikimedia.

The Rise and Fall of a Nobel Laureate:

Genotopia: The Trouble with Jim

The Guardian: He may have unraveled DNA; but James Watson deserves to be shunned

Slate: James Watson Throws a Fit

Science League of America: “Not A Racist In A Conventional Way”

NBC News: DNA Biologist James Watson’s Nobel Prize Sells for $4.8 Million at Auction

Slate: James Watson’s Nobel Prize Medal Fetches $4.1 Million at Auction

The Guardian: DNA scientist James Watson sells Nobel prize medal

Nature: Watson’s Nobel medal sells for US$4.1 million

Watson's Nobel prize. Christie's Images Ltd.

Watson’s Nobel prize.
Christie’s Images Ltd.

Einstein goes digital:

Princeton University Press Blog: Princeton University Press launches The Digital Einstein Papers

The New York Times: Thousands of Einstein Documents Are Now a Click Away

Caltech: The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein: The Digital Edition – Diana K. Buchwald (video)

The Chronical of Higher Education: Online Einstein Project Reveals Scientist’s Magnitude and Minutiae

Photo by Doreen Spooner, Getty Images

Photo by Doreen Spooner, Getty Images

The Guardian: Albert Einstein archive reveals the genius, doubts and loves of scientist

Raw Story: Einstein’s letter defending Marie Curie shows just how long trolls have been slut-shaming women

Philly.com: Einstein was not the tweeting sort

History Physics: 99 years since General Relativity


The Conversation: Stories from the sky: astronomy in Indigenous knowledge

Nautilus: The Loneliest Genius

Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog: Mushroom clouds strange, familiar, and fake

Leiden Islam Blog: An Ancient Zodiac from Arabia Discovered

Slate: 60 Years Ago Today: The Day a Meteorite Hit Ann Hodges

True: An impact crater is also called an “astrobleme.” Getting a bruise from a meteorite would then be an astroblemish.

True: An impact crater is also called an “astrobleme.” Getting a bruise from a meteorite would then be an astroblemish.

The Manhattan Project an interactive history: CP–1 Goes Critical

Great American Eclipses: Total solar eclipses of the 19th century

PHL: We should prepare the map for the future space explorers

AIP: Oral History Transcript – Dr. George Uhlenbeck


Ptak Science Books: A Bit of Book Sleuthing on a Cyclotron Manuscript (1938–1941)


British Library: Maps and views blog: The Draw of the Arctic

Manchester Evening News: Rare 17th century map of Manchester found in John Rylands Library goes on show

Royal Museums Greenwich: Longitude Legends: James Cook

Big Think: 314 – Watch the Road: World’s Earliest SatNav

Yovisto: The Ambitions of Jane Franklin

Lady Jane Franklin (1791-1875)

Lady Jane Franklin (1791-1875)

Darin Hayton: Washington Irving’s Columbus and the Flat Earth


Unspoken Voices: Unspoken Voices from the Cambrian Institute

The Quack Doctor: On thorny ground: the human x-ray scientists


Perceptions of Pregnancy: The ‘Eggs Affair’: Egg Donations in 21st Century Israel

Yovisto: Christine Ladd-Franklin and the Theory of Colour Vision

Christine Ladd-Franklin (1847 – 1930)

Christine Ladd-Franklin
(1847 – 1930)

Visions of the Night: Western Medicine Meets Peyote 1887-1899 (PDF)

Clinical Curiosities: The curious case of Alice Beatty: medical provisions and the ethics of patient care

The Recipes Project: The dose makes the poison: dangerous plants

Poisonous hemlock (Conium maculatum) Courtesy of Kurt Stüber, www.biolib.de.

Poisonous hemlock (Conium maculatum) Courtesy of Kurt Stüber, http://www.biolib.de.

The Toast: Doctors Performing Surgery For The First Time in Western Art History

The Appendix: Blurred Forms: An Unsteady History of Drunkenness

Cosmopolitan: I Lent My Vagina To Science

The Guardian: The baffling case of the 100 missing brains

NYAM: From Master Dissector to Accomplished Author: Johann Gottlieb Walter

Yovisto: Karen Horney’s Struggle with Neurosis

Medievalists.net: Birth Control and Abortion in the Middle Ages

Wellcome History: Beautifully hideous: Pioneering plastic surgery in World War I

RCP: Richard Bright


Meteorite Manuscripts: New Evidence Suggests Origin of John Dalton’s Atomic Theory May Be Linked to Work of Irish Chemist Bryan Higgins

The New York Times: My Great-Great-Aunt Discovered Francium. And It Killed Her

Sonia Cotelle (left) and Marguerite Perey (second from left) at the Curie laboratory in 1930. Each died from radiation exposure. Credit Musée Curie/ACJC Collection

Sonia Cotelle (left) and Marguerite Perey (second from left) at the Curie laboratory in 1930. Each died from radiation exposure. Credit Musée Curie/ACJC Collection

Yovisto: Ellen Swallow Richards and Home Economics

The Recipes Project: Beauty Recipes: A December Series

Yovisto: Nicolas Leblanc and the Leblanc Process


Conciatore: Metal Veins Reprise

Until Darwin: Science & the Origin of Race: John James Audubon meets John Bachman: “there is much to be expressed and understood by a shake of the hand….”

The Dispersal of Darwin: Darwin and Wallace notebooks in the news


The Embryo Project: Theophilus Shickel Painter (1889-1969)

Past Horizons: Ancient dental plaque contains evidence for milk drinking habits

Notches: Uncovering Cleveland Street: Sexuality, Surveillance and late-Victorian Scandal

Trowelblazers: Rosemary Camp

Environment and Ecology: History of Ecology

Dr Alun Withey: The New York Beard Tax and Other Strange Beard Facts

The Hindu: 50 years since Haldane’s death

Nature: Homo erectus made world’s oldest doodle 500, 000 years ago

Scientific American: Observations: World’s Oldest Engraving Upends Theory of Homo sapiens Uniqueness

The Appendix: Lobsters in the Archive

Self portrait of Tupaia, Captain Cook's Polynesian navigator, bartering a lobster c. 1769. British Library

Self portrait of Tupaia, Captain Cook’s Polynesian navigator, bartering a lobster c. 1769.
British Library

VICE: We Talked to a Scientist Who Gave LSD to Cats Back in the 70s

The Embryo Project: Thomas Hunt Morgan (1866–1945)

Darin Hayton: Eratosthenes and Second Graders

Yovisto: Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz Educator and Naturalist

Scienceline: Natural history museums: facts or fictions?

Yovisto: The Discovery of Nefertiti

Taming the American Idol: Hitting Dogs with Hammers: Animals, Auto Safety, and the Angel History

History of Geology: How it all ends…


Slate: The Antikythera Mechanism: An Ancient Computer of Astounding Complexity

Othmeralia: On December 1, 1783, Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles and Nicholas Louis Robert took to the skies over Paris in the first flight of a gas air balloon.

Atlas Obscura: Double Sunsets and Peasants with Pitchforks in the Trials of 18th century Balloonists

The Jardin des Tuileries depicted during the balloon launch (hand-colored etching, 1783) (via Library of Congress)

The Jardin des Tuileries depicted during the balloon launch (hand-colored etching, 1783) (via Library of Congress)

IGN.com: The World’s Oldest Known “Computer” Is Older Than We Thought


Now Appearing: Computers as commodity

BBC: Does AI really threaten the future of the human race?

Conciatore: Yellow Glass

Ptak Science Books: On Building a Vertical City in the Grand Canyon and Covering It Up

Live Science: 18th Century Mandolins Were a Symphony of Rare Ingredients


U.S. Intellectual History Blog: A Reading List for the Social Sciences in the Cold War

Asian Scientist: Is There A History of Science? Yes… And It Works

Early Modern Experimental Philosophy: Kant’s Campaign against the Synthesis of Empiricism and Rationalism

MBS Birmingham: Thoughts on The History Manifesto Twitter Response

The Recipes Project: First Monday Library Chat: Chemical Heritage Foundation


MIT News: Stefan Helmreich: MIT anthropologist of science explores how scientific “things” emerge.

Scottish Indexes: Learning Zone – Mental Health Records in Scotland – Volunteers Needed!

Royal Society: Philosophical Transactions: 350 years of publishing at the Royal Society (1665 – 2015) Exhibition Brochure

Royal Society: The Repository: Making the first scientific journal

Front covers of the Philosophical Transactions from 1665 and 2010.

Front covers of the Philosophical Transactions from 1665 and 2010.

THE: World’s oldest scientific journal is focus of new exhibition

Western Michigan University: The Medieval Globe: New OA Journal

CHoM News: Body of Knowledge Receives “Great Exhibitions” Award

Nature: Nature makes all articles free to view

History of Science Society: History of Science Society Strategic Plan – 2014

Frontline: Science as solution: Nehru’s view of science

The Guardian: Dürer’s polyhedron: 5 theories that explain Melencholia’s crazy cube


HYLE: International Journal for the Philosophy of Chemistry 20th Anniversary Issue

Philosophy of Biology PhD Programs Wiki

Wellcome Collection: Mindcraft – a virtual exhibition

Yovisto: Man is Man’s Wolf – Thomas Hobbes and his Leviathan

Oregon State University: School of History, Philosophy, and Religion: Hamblin Wins the 2014 Paul Birdsall Prize

Vitae: Doing Scholarship from Outside Academe – Audra Wolfe

HSS: First Person: Pamela O. Long – “On Being an Independent Historian”


The Toast: On Heroic Scientists and Hagiography

THE: How to win a Nobel prize

The #EnvHist Weekly

Ashmolean: Ashmolean wins two Apollo Awards

The Guardian: Science and history rarely collide, so make the most of Richard III

Tori Herridge.com: Mammoths in the Media


Corpus Newtonicum: Of alchemy and dogears

Brain Pickings: The Book of Miracles: Rare Medieval Illustrations of Magical Thinkingtaschen_bookofmiracles3


The Dispersal of Darwin: Darwin’s Wild Pursuits Around Down


The Unz Review: Books to Learn Evolution from (?)

AbeBooks.com: Andreas Vesalius’ Fabrica: The Anatomy of a Revolution

Brain Pickings: Great Children’s Books Celebrating Science

The New York Times: Learning Our Roots, Inside and Out The Invisible History of the Human Race’ Provides Transparency on Our Genetic Heritage

History Today: Books of the Year

idées.fr: Les maux de la mine, diagnostic et actions

The Dispersal of Darwin: Terra Tempo: The Academy of Planetary Evolution


Historiens de la santé: La propreté de l’enfant en Europe entre médecine, politique et éducation. Regards croisés de sociologues et d’historiens

Financial Times: Best Books of 2014 (includes some #histSTM)

Pickering & Chatto: Insanity and Lunatic Asylum in the Nineteenth Century

Le comptoir des presses d’universités: Les Narrateurs fous

Historiens de la santé: Ivan Pavlov: A Russian Life in Science9780199925193

L’Harmattan: Merleau-Ponty – Freud et Les Psychanalystes


Historiens de la santé: Intolerant Bodies: A Short History of Autoimmunity



The Guardian: Scientists disappointed Jurassic World dinosaurs don’t look like dinosaurs




Vimeo: CHF: The Evolution of HIV/AIDS Therapies

CHoM News: Video Now Online: “Anatomy and its Legacies: Artistic, Ethical, Scientific”

Vimeo: Books of Secrets: Writing and Reading Alchemy

Top Documentary Films: Secrets of the Star Disk



Cambridge University: Things Seminar 41 podcasts

Watch Magazine: Discuss: Hermeticism and the occult with Kyle Fraser


Historiens de la santé CfP: The Eighteenth–Century: Who Cares? The Indiana Center for Eighteenth-Century Studies fourteenth annual Bloomington Workshop (May 13-15, 2015)

Society for the Philosophy of Information: CfP: Seventh Workshop on the Philosophy of Information “Conceptual challenges of data in science and technology”

MPIWG: Technical Art History Talk Series Monday, Oct 27, 2014 – Monday, Jan 19, 2015

NEH: NEH Creates New “Public Scholar” Grant Program Supporting Popular Scholarly Books in the Humanities

MPIHS: Privileged Knowledge: The Politics of Print in the early Dutch Republic

University of Leeds: CfP: Community and its Limits, 1745-1832 4-6 September 2015

The Royal Society: Exhibition: Philosophical Transactions: 350 years of publishing at the Royal Society 2 Dec 2014 – 23 June 2015

Royal Society: Publishing 350 – from foundation to the future

UCL: F58 BSHS Postgraduate Conference 2015 7–9 Jan 2015

AIP: Announcing the Recipients of the 2014 Grants to Archives

ChoM News: Colloquium on the History of Psychiatry and Medicine “Infant Science: Global Intervention and Production of Knowledge around Infant Mortality, 1942-1965″ 18 December 2014

The Origin of Life: Second Conference on History and Philosophy of Astrobiology Höör Sweden 8-10 May 2015

Casa de Oswaldo Cruz: CfP: Tropical Diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean: a historical perspective
Casa de Oswaldo Cruz / Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1-4 July 2015

University of Leeds: CfP: The History and Future of Rationing’ Leeds 25th March 2015.

EPSA: CfP: Düsseldorf 2015 September 23-26 2015


Digital Heritage Conference Granada Spain 28 Sept–2 Oct 2015

University of Warsaw: Faculty of “Artes Liberales”: CfP: The Tree of Knowledge: Theories of Sciences and Arts in Central Europe, 1400−1700

Calenda: L’aventure des neurosciences Des territoires de la recherche aux défis de l’éducation

Design week: Wellcome Collection launches online exhibition on madness

Journal of Early Modern Studies: Call for Papers: Fall 2015 Special Edition: The Care of the Self in Early Modern Philosophy and Science

CHoM News: Colloquium on the History of Psychiatry and Medicine “Infant Science: Global Intervention and Production of Knowledge around Infant Mortality, 1942-1965″ 18 December 2014

Historiens de la santé: Call for Applications: History of Medicine Travel Grants


University of Durham: Research Assistant – Social Relations and Everyday Life in England, 1500–1640

University of Cambridge: Darwin Correspondence Project Web Development

York Museums Trust: Digital Learning Apprentice

St Andrews University: The School of History at the University of St Andrews welcomes applications for the Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship scheme

University of Kent: School of History: Postgraduate Funding (Do a PhD with @beckyfh)

University of Manchester: Research Fellow in the History of Biology/Medicine

University of British Columbia: STS Graduate Program

University of Durham: Research Assistant: ‘Contemporary Scientific Realism and the Challenge from the History of Science’
























































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