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Christmas Trilogy 2012 Part III: What to do if your mother’s a witch.

Johannes Kepler certainly lived in interesting times in the sense of the old Chinese curse.  Born 27th December 1571 he lived through the most intensive phase of the Counter-Reformation being forced, as a Protestant living and working in Catholic territory, to … Continue reading

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A tale of a telescope

In this month’s Journal for the History of Astronomy I have a book review of Richard Gillespie’s The Great Melbourne Telescope – a book I enjoyed reading and a review I enjoyed writing. Hop over to teleskopos to read it.

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Scientific histories: debates among Victorian historians

To see a review of Ian Hesketh’s The Science of History in Victorian Britain: Making the Past Speak, hop over to teleskopos.

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Mapping the history of triangulation

Triangulation was for about 400 years until the invention of GPS the only tool available to cartographers to help them produce highly accurate maps. Maps that had hugh political, economic, scientific and military significance in the modern era. Have you … Continue reading

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How not to write about Renaissance mathematics.

This is a book review. It is a review of Mark A. Peterson’s Galileo’s Muse: Renaissance Mathematics and the Arts that I have to admit I’m writing with some reluctance. Why? I’m writing this review with some reluctance because it is going … Continue reading

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The Swerve is really a full-frontal crash.

Today  we have a new guest post from regular commentator and Renaissance Mathematicus fan Baerista. Whereas I am an Englishman living in Germany who blogs in English Baerista is a German living in London who normally blogs in German. Today he has … Continue reading

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Tartu: “the Russian Empire’s leading observatory”

My review of Lea Leppick’s Tartu Old Observatory (2011), appeared in the  February 2012 issue (£) of the Journal for the History of Astronomy. You can read it here.

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