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When Rock Classification was hard…

Talc – Gypsum – Calcite – Fluorite – Apatite – Feldspar – Quartz – Topaz – Corundum – Diamond –  “Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness ” should be familiar to rock-hounds and earth-science students alike […] Keep reading »

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Granite Wars – Episode II

“Inside the globe [there] exist mysterious forces, whose effects become apparent on the surface. Eruptions of vapors, glowing lava and new volcanic rocks…[]” Alexander von Humboldt At the end of the 19th century and after the victory of “Plutonism” in … Continue reading

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In Search of Punt

May 9, 1871 after a one year long search, the German geologist Karl Mauch finally spotted  was he had hoped for:  the ruins of gigantic buildings of stone – the remains of a long lost city, at least for the … Continue reading

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Apart from Muhammad Ali there aint no such thing as ‘The Greatest’

A post in which I take Larry Moran to task for being stupid and explain why in my opinion the concept of the the greatest in science is rubbish. [read more here]

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What is systematics and what is taxonomy?

Over the past few years there have been increasing numbers of calls for governments to properly fund systematics and taxonomy (and a number of largely molecular-focused biologists insisting they can do the requisite tasks with magic molecule detectors, so don’t … Continue reading

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A One-Way Ticket to Mars?

Men have long been fascinated with Mars. Historically, it has been thought of as a dead world, a planet teeming with life, as well as a dying world with little left save the vestiges of an intelligent and cooperative civilization. … Continue reading

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Should Governments Fund Big Science?

Over at The Bubble Chamber, Boaz Miller asks: What stand should humanities and social science people, in particular HPS and STS people, take on this issue? Should they ally themselves with their fellow researchers and support their quest for knowledge … Continue reading

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How scientists think, a book proposal

I’m too busy at the moment to blog, write, think or maintain my personal hygiene, so I thought I’d add content by getting my readers to provide it for me. So I’m going to propose a little project. First, a … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking and the creation of the universe

I should begin by saying that I haven’t read Hawking’s book with Leonard Mlodinow, The Grand Design, and I probably won’t. But the way it is being hyped in the media, social and mainstream, suggests that what he is claiming, … Continue reading

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