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Not a martyr for science.

Those who still mistakenly subscribe to the White-Draper hypothesis of a war of religion against science, and these days it is mostly gnu atheists and their ilk, invariably produce lists of the martyrs of science, those considered to have fallen … Continue reading

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Frauds, Fakes and Fossils

Almost every student of earth sciences knows the hoax perpetuated on poor Dr. Johann Bartholomäus Adam Beringer (1667-1738), often told in textbooks as warning of blind faith and argument from authority in science. However careful study of the still existing “lying … Continue reading

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History of Landslides – Landslides in History

Landslides belong to a class of geological phenomena which occur rapidly, contradicting our common believes of geology occurring only in large time spans. For this characteristic and the often catastrophic and well visible aftermaths such mass movements are widely recognized … Continue reading

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The God of Disruption – an Ecological History of Creation

In the beginning was the disturbance: God disrupted the pristine formlessness of the deep and created the heavens and the earth.  Literally in a flash.  With His utterance, the darkness was relegated to Night; the light He called Day.  Waters … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Historians and Contemporary Anti-evolutionism.

In a recent book review for The British Journal for the History of Science, Thomas Dixon asks what contribution historians of science can make to the debate about intelligent design (ID). As myself and others noted in a 2008 Isis Focus article, … Continue reading

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[Review] Richard Owen. Biology Without Darwin.

Nicolass Rupke. Richard Owen: Biology without Darwin. xxiv + 344pp., Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009. $29.00, (paper). The Natural History Museum in London recently unveiled its Darwin Center, the most significant expansion of the Museum since it opened at its present site in … Continue reading

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Christie’s Law

I think we need a new rule for Internet discussions on the history of science. I present Christie’s Law: In any Internet history of science discussion on the relationship between religion and science the first person to invoke the Galileo … Continue reading

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Three for the price of one

A Christmas Trinity I A Christmas Trinity II A Christmas Trinity III A ragbag of trivia

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[Review] The Voyage That Shook The World

In June 2009, Creation Ministries International released a docu-drama, The Voyage That Shook The World, that purported to offer a realistic view of Darwin’s life and achievements. It created a bit of a stir in how it treated comments made by historians Peter … Continue reading

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Martyr of Science

I wrote this introduction to David Brewster’s collected biography of Galileo, Tycho Brahe and Kepler, Martyrs of Science (1841), some time ago when there was a plan to republish it as part of a collected edition of popular 19th-century works on science and history … Continue reading

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