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Reformation, revolutions and social media

Can one draw parallels between the use of the printing press during the Reformation and the use of the Internet during the Arab Spring? What role did cheap astrological pamphlets play in the Astronomical Revolution? For some thoughts on these … Continue reading

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How Charles tried to oust Isaac from Cambridge

In 1812 Charles Babbage, who was born 26th December 1791, tried to oust Isaac Newton from Cambridge University. If you want to know how and why this came about the you can read the answer here

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Only 26 and already a professor!

In 1669 Isaac Newton was appointed Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University. What did this appointment really mean in terms of recognition and status? To find out go here

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An 18th-century astronomical tour

In the latest issue of the British Journal for the History of Science I have a review of Kurt Møller Pedersen and Peter de Clercq’s edition of the journal that the Danish astronomer, surveyor and mathematician Thomas Bugge kept of … Continue reading

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A Manned Mission to Venus

Before the Apollo program had even started manned flights, NASA was looking forward and planning its post-lunar missions. A new goal using existing hardware developed for the lunar program was ideal, so NASA commissioned a study on possible application of … Continue reading

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More Science than Fiction

Science-fiction stories and movies are not only entertainment for a rainy day but also mirrors of the scientific abilities, ambitions, even anxieties of a society. A short overview about tales and movies shows this evolution. The decade of 1950 to … Continue reading

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Science in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Last week I was back in Edinburgh and visited the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. This has just reopened after renovations and I took time to consider the depiction of science in the murals of its Main Hall, and a new display … Continue reading

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The story of a problem

The origins of an interesting geometrical problem posed by Regiomontanus in 1471 are explained here

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Christmas is coming and Giants’ Shoulders #42

The history of science blog carnival Giants’ Shoulders #42 will be hosted by Darin Hayton at the PACHSmögåsbord blog on 16th December. This means you have just fourteen days to write and submit those history of science post either direct to the host or … Continue reading

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