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The place of science in history and history in science

As an historian of science working between two museum sites and with people researching or communicating both history and science, I often feel I’m a stuck-record, piggy-in-the-middle, harping on to the historians to pay attention to the science and the … Continue reading

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More Science than Fiction

Science-fiction stories and movies are not only entertainment for a rainy day but also mirrors of the scientific abilities, ambitions, even anxieties of a society. A short overview about tales and movies shows this evolution. The decade of 1950 to … Continue reading

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Nations, nationality, nationalism, history and historiography

Was Boscovich Croation or Italian? Copernicus Polish or German? Al-Haytham Persian or Iraqi ? Gemma Frisius Belgian or Dutch? For some critical thoughts on the illegitimacy of these questions and the incorrectness of the usual answers go read here

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The Two Cultures?

Slides from my history of science class. Update (11/28): Turns out this is the last set of slides from me this semester.

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Science & Religion

Slides from my history of science course.  

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The Big Bang

Slides from my History of Science class this coming Tuesday.

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Last week we spent two classes on Einstein’s life and work. Overall, a fairly simplistic presentation but probably sufficient to get the students grounded in some of the ideas. Next lecture (on quantum mechanics) is by my teaching assistant and … Continue reading

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