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Year 3, Volume #48

Monday 17 July 2017


 The summer rolls on and it rolls around to time for another edition of Whewell’s Gazette the weekly #histSTM links list bringing you all of the histories of science, technology and medicine thrown up out of the depths of cyberspace over the last seven days.

Whewell’s Gazette doesn’t usually cover the history of mathematics and that despite the fact that the subeditor started out as a historian of mathematics; however, this week we are making an exception and that here in the editorial.

One thing that Whewell’s Gazette does cover and in fact tries to promote is the role that women have played in #histSTM and that is the reason that we are turning our attention to mathematics and its history in this week’s editorial.

There is no Nobel Prize for mathematics, according to legend because Nobel’s wife had an affair with a mathematician. However, mathematicians do have their own awards and their Nobel is the Fields Medal. Named in honour of the Canadian mathematician John Charles Fields (1863–1932), who was instrumental in establishing it, the prize has been awarded every four years since 1950 (it was awarded previously once in 1936) to up to four mathematicians under forty years of age.

Like many other scientific awards and honours the Fields Medal had never been awarded to a women when it was won by the Iranian, Stanford University professor of mathematics Maryam Mirzakhani in 2014. This was a truly classic example of a woman in the sciences breaking a glass ceiling and quite rightly received a lot of publicity at the time.

Sadly Maryam Mirzakhani is in the news once again this week because she died of cancer on Friday 14 July just 40 years old. Her death is a sad blow for the world of mathematics and for all the women for whom she was a role model. This edition of Whewell’s Gazette is humbly dedicated to the memory of an extraordinary woman.

Maryam Mirzakhani 3 May 1977–14 July 2017  

Maryam Mirzakhani. Credit: Stanford University

I don’t have any particular recipe [for developing new proofs]… It is like being lost in a jungle and trying to use all the knowledge that you can gather to come up with some new tricks, and with some luck you might find a way out – Maryam Mirzakhani

Iran Front Page: Iranian Math Genius Mirzakhani Dies of Cancer

Tehran Times: Iranian math genius, Fields Medal winner Mirzakhani passes away

BBC News: Maryam Mirzakhani, first woman to win maths’ Fields Medal, dies

The Guardian: Maryam Mirzakhani: ‘the more I spent time on maths, the more excited I got’

Stanford News: Maryam Mirzakhani, Stanford mathematician and Fields Medal winner, dies

The Wire: Maryam Mirzakhani, First Woman and Iranian to Win Fields Medal, Dies at 40

Terence Tao: Maryam Mirzakhani

Quartz: Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win mathematics’ Fields Medal, has died at age 40

The Mercury News: Maryam Mirzakhani, world-renowned math genius and Stanford professor, dies at 40

The New York Times: Maryam Mirzakhani, Only Women to Win a Fields Medal, dies at 40

Scientific American: Mathematics World Mourns Maryam Mirzakhani, Only Woman to Win Fields Medal

The New Yorker: Remembering Maryam Mirzakhani, the Pioneering Mathematician Who Died at Forty

Smithsonian.com: Remembering the Brilliant Maryam Mirzakhani, the Only to Win a Fields Medal

UNESCO: UNESCO pays tribute to mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani

Youtube: Maryam Mirzakhani wins 2014 Fields medal – first woman to do so

Quotes of the week:

“The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia” – Malcolm Turnbull Prime Minister of Australia

“There is ample evidence … that numerous races have existed, and still exist, who have no idea of one or more gods” – Darwin

‘Generally speaking, the errors in religion are dangerous; those in philosophy only ridiculous’ – David Hume

“Homeopathy is “alternative medicine” in roughly the same sense in which a rabbit’s foot is an “alternative insurance policy”” – Ragnar Belial (@RagnarBelial)

Odd footnote from Adam Rutherford’s book: Emma Darwin’s use of the word ‘nigger’ as a term of endearment for Charles

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, some few to be chewed and digested” – Francis Bacon

“The German word for ‘to mansplain’ (‘herrklären’) is one of those beautiful moments when the translation improves on the original” – Graham (@HerrDrKlaerer)

“It’s a folk singer’s job to comfort disturbed people and to disturb comfortable people” –

Woody Guthrie, born 14 July 1912

“If I had a time machine I would go back and kill the first fish who evolved legs” – Existential Comics (@existentialcoms)

Anniversaries of the Week:

 Eva Ekeblad born 10 July 1724

Eva Ekeblad (née Eva De la Gardie; 10 July 1724 – 15 May 1786)
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Google Doodles: Eva Ekeblad’s 293rd Birthday

Huffpost: 6 Cool Facts About Eva Ekeblad, The Scientist Who Made Vodka From Potatoes

The Sun: Who was Eva Ekeblad?

Florence Bascom born 14 July 1862

Florence Bascom
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Rock Stars: A Life of Firsts: Florence Bascom

Nikola Tesla born 10 July 1856

Nikola Tesla aged 23, c. 1879
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Linda Hall Library: Scientist of the Day – Nikola Tesla

CHF: Distillations: The Electrical Wizard

The National Museum of American History: Collections Search Results: Tesla

SchHi Blog: Nikola Tesla – The Master of Lightnings

The Atlantic: Tesla’s Letterhead Is so Much Better than Edison’s

Roger Cotes born 10 July 1682

Roger Cotes This bust was commissioned by Robert Smith and sculpted posthumously by Peter Scheemakers in 1758. Source: Trinity College Cambridge

SchHi Blog: Roger Cotes and Newton’s Principia Mathematica

The Renaissance Mathematicus: “if he had lived, we might have known something”

Franz Boas born 9 July 1858

Franz Boas
Source: Wikimedia Commons

NNDB: Franz Boas

Samuel Goudsmit born 11 July 1902

Uhlenbeck, Kramers, and Goudsmit.
AIP’s Emilio Sergè Visual Archives
Source: Wikimedia Commons

SciHi Blog: Samuel Goudsmit and the Electron Spin

APS News: AIP Releases Complete Goudsmit Papers Online

AIP: Samuel A. Goudsmit papers

Physical Review Letters: Essay: Samuel Abraham Goudsmit (1902–1978)

Josiah Wedgwood born 12 July 1730

Josiah Wedgwood
Source: Wikimedia Commons

SciHi Blog: Josiah Wedgwood and his Pottery Company

The Renaissance Mathematicus: The scientific potter

James Bowerbank born 14 July 1797

James Scott Bowerbank (1797-1877)
by Maull & Polyblank,photograph,circa 1855
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Linda Hall Library: Scientist of the Day – James Bowerban

The Rosetta Stone was discovered 15 July 1799

The British Museum Blog: Everything you ever wanted to know about the Rosetta Stone

Gresham College: The Rosetta Stone

Google Arts & Crafts: The Rosetta Stone

SchHi Blog: Cracking the Code – Champollion and the Rosetta Stone

Sketchfab: Rosetta Stone 3D Model


SciHi Blog: David Brewster and the Kaleidoscope

AHF: Samuel K. Allison

SciHi Blog: Jérôme Lalande measuring the distance to the Moon

The Curious Wavefunction: Black holes and the curse of beauty: When revolutionary physicists turn conservative

SciHi Blog: Nicole Oresme – Polymath of the Late Middle Ages

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum: Telstar

Source: Wikimedia Commons

AHF: Los Alamos Innovations: Electronics and Detonators

Dannen.com: Setting the Test date, July 2, 1945

AHF: Nancy F. Wood

Voices of the Manhattan Project: Edward Teller’s Interview

Making Science Public: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot: Puzzles, pictures and participation

Medievalists.net: The Moon in the Middle Ages

Diagrams of the sun and moon orbiting the earth, with the sun casting shadows upon the other two.

ADS: The Observatory: The early History of the Red Spot on Jupiter

ESA: Space in Images: GEOS-2 Launch

SciHi Blog: George Green and his Theory of Electricity and Magnetism

APS News: This Month in Physics History: July 1957: Bardeen, Cooper, and Schrieffer submit their paper, “Theory of Superconductivity”

NASA: Jack Boyd Talks About His 70 Years with NASA (and NACA)

Jack Boyd

AEON: How the rainbow illuminates the enduring mystery of physics

Living Maya Time: The Maya Calendar System

SchHI Blog: Pavel Cherenkov and the Blue Light

Medium: The Man Who Invented the 26th Dimension

Voices of the Manhattan Project: Emilio Segrè’s Interview

British Library: Medieval manuscripts blog: The future is in the moon

A diagram with the Moon’s phases, Germany, 1446, Additional MS 17987, ff. 49v-50r

AHF: Remembering the Trinity Test

Dannen.com: Trinity Test, July 16, 1945 – Radiation Monitoring

AHF: Trinity Test – 1945

Geek History II: Who discovered electricity?


Atlas Obscura: The Mysteries of a Rare, 18th-Century Native American Map

The “Catawba Deerksin Map.” LIBRARY OF CONGRESS/2005625337

Library of Congress: Worlds Revealed Geography & Maps: Mr. Dürer Comes to Washington


drugmuseum.org: Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum & The Apothecary Garden

Medievalists.net: Heads, shoulders, knees and toes: Injury and death in Anglo-Scottish combat, c.1296–c.1403

Thomas Morris: A dubious paper

NMHM: To Bind Up The Nation’s Wounds

The Conversation: Four of the most lethal infectious diseases of our time and how we’re overcoming them

Mail Online: From Siamese twins being separated for the first time in 1902 to patients treated without anaesthetic: Black and white images reveal a time before medical standards were commonplace

Remedia: A Historical Perspective on Women in Surgery

Photograph of female staff in an operating theatre (1919), from Medical Women’s Federation, Endell Street Hospital 1916-1920: Commemorative Calendar, SA/MWF/C.173/2, Wellcome Library, London.

Advances in the History of Psychology: Andy Byford’s “The Imperfect Child in Early Twentieth-Century Russia”

Wiley Onlne Library: Malaria and malaria-like diseases in the early Middle Ages

Women’s History Review: The feminist appropriation of pregnancy testing in 1970s Britain

Museum of Health Care: The History of Vaccinations: The Build Up to the Spanish Flu

Thomas Morris: A flaming nuisance

The New York Times: Keith Conners, Psychologist Who Set Standard for Diagnosing A.D.H.D., Dies at 84

Dr. Keith Conners in 2013. He devised a 39-item questionnaire for diagnosing and treating what came to be known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Credit Karsten Moran for The New York Times

CHSTM: Medical Modernity: Rethinking U.S. Colonial Practices in the Philippines and the Health Work of Non-elite Women (1870–1948)

Thomas Morris: The lawn-tennis elbow

Wellcome Collection: The child whose town rejected vaccines

Nova Next: How Our Ancient Origins Are Guiding Modern Medicine

Anna Belfrage: The adventures of that perennial herbalist, Mr Nicolas Culpepper

SciHi Blog: Eugen Bleuler’s Research on Schizophrenia

Hektoen International: William Withering and the foxglove

Early Modern Prisons: Early Modern Coroners’ Inquests into Deaths in Custody

Hektoen International: The basilisk – a cause of sudden death


Conciatore: Don Giovanni in Flanders

Cultural and Social History: Cold Steel, Weak Flesh: Mechanism, Masculinity and the Anxieties of Late Victorian Empire

Matterport: The National Museum of Computing in 3D

BBC News: Canada: Workers find live British shell in Quebec

BSHM Bulletin: The early mathematical education of Ada Lovelace

SciHi Blog: John Fowler and the steam-hauled Plough

Steam traction engine at Mt Warrenheip near Ballarat
Source: Wikimedia Commons

AEON: Quantum cryptography is unbreakable. So is human ingenuity

Conciatore: Decolorising Glass

SciHi Blog: The Miraculous World of Buckminster Fuller

Jezebel: Japanese Blogger Discredits New Amelia Earhart Documentary After 30 Minutes Research

National Geographic: Amelia Earhart ‘Lost Photograph’ Discredited

The Guardian: Blogger discredits claim Amelia Earhart was taken prisoner by Japan

The woman said to resemble pilot Amelia Earhart is seen sitting on the dock in the centre of the picture. Photograph: Reuters

Theresa Kaminski: What Happened to Amelia Earhart

JSTOR Daily: Amelia Earhart Taught America to Fly

Gizmodo: German Enigma Machine Found at Flea Market Fetches $51,000 at Auction

Smithsonian.com: WWII Enigma Machine Found at Flea Market Sells for $51,000

Mental Floss: Typewriter Sold at Flea Market Turns Out to Be Rare World War II enigma Machine

BBC News: Enigma I: ‘€100 typewriter’ found to be German code machine

The machine was being sold at a flea market as a typewriter

The Public Domain Review: Inventing the Recording

Atlas Obscura: Augenroller (Eye Roller)

IET Archives: The Papers of the Electrical Measuring Instrument Specialist, George F Shotter

Tedium: Who Killed The Encyclopaedia?

The Long Run: British engineering skills in the age of steam

Source: Wikimedia Commons

boingboing: A travelling neon salesman’s sample-case, 1935

Motherboard: This Ridiculous Laptop Cost $20,000 in the 90s


JSTOR Daily: How Can a Fish Not Have a Face

The Gospel Coalition: The Scopes Trial, Evolution, and the Age of the Earth

NICHE: #EnvHist Worth Reading June 2017

Science News: The giraffes that sailed to medieval China

The Guardian: So long, Dippy: museum’s blur whale seeks to inspire love of living world

Workers attach the blue whale’s mandible bones. Photograph: BBC

BBC News: Blue whale takes centre-stage at Natural History Museum

Laelaps: On the Trail of a Dinosaur Sail

Atlas Obscura: Why It Took Scientists So Long to Figure Out Where Babies Come From

History Matters: The Past Is Not a Straight Line

npr: Timeline: Remembering the Scopes Monkey Trial

Clarence Darrow was 68 when he agreed to act as John Scopes’ defense attorney. At the time, he was the most famous criminal defense lawyer in the country, and a very popular public speaker. His favorite topic was anticlericalism.
Bryan College Archives

The #EnvHist Weekly

Royal College of Surgeons: Professor Quekett and the Curious Case of the Coal Slides

Longreads: Late in Life, Thoreau Became a Serious Darwinist

The Guardian: ‘Tired of medals’: new letters reveal how Alfred Russel Wallace shunned Darwin’s fame


Linda Hall Library: Scientist of the Day – Stanislao Cannizzaro


History of women in science a selection of readings in English via Cambridge HPS discussion

Lady Science: Pitching Lady Science

hpd: Nachruf auf Bernulf Kanitscheider: Ein Meister der intellektuellen Redlichkeit

BBC News: What tally sticks tell us about how money works

physicsworld.com: The power of the blackboard

AIP: Physic History Network now available!

AIP: Physics History Network

NICHE: Five-and-a Half Things I Learned Teaching My First Course

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine: Online Program in the History of Medicine

Royal College of Surgeons: Jessie Dobson (1906–1984): Hunterian Museum’s first female curator

Zócalo: How Fireworks Helped Spark a Scientific Revolution

The Renaissance Mathematicus: A very innovative early scientific printer/publisher

A page with marginalia from the first printed edition of Euclid’s Elements, printed by Erhard Ratdolt in 1482
Folger Shakespeare Library Digital Image Collection
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Restricted Data: The Nuclear Secrecy Blog: The Reinventing Civil Defense project

Library Of Congress: The PDF’s Place in a History of Paper Knowledge: An Interview with Lisa Gitelman

CHF: Pittcon Heritage Award

The Chemist: Public Understanding of Chemistry – A Look Inside the AIC Awards Program: The Gol Medal & Chemical Pioneer Awards

SciHi Blog: Vilfredo Pareto and the Law of the Vital Few


Conciatore: Francesco and Bianca

19th century romantic depiction of
Bianca Cappello, Francesco de’ Medici
(with Don Antoni as a child.)


The Guardian: The 100 best nonfiction books: No 75 – The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (1793)

Youtube: Stephan McGann – Flesh and Blood – Exposure

Broadly: Science Has Consistently Underestimated Women Because Scientists Are Sexist

brainpickings: A Bioluminescent Wonder: Rachel Carson on the Art of Illuminating Nature Beyond Scientific Fact

The Atlantic: Jill Tater, Feminist Cosmic Icon

DW Science: Heretics!

Smithsonian.com: Ancient Humans Liked Getting Tipsy, Too


New Books Network: Melvin R. Adams – Atomic Geography: A Personal History of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Book Circle Online: Dr. Eric Scerri A Tale of Seven Scientists – Author Interview

The New York Review of Books: The Brave New World of Gene Editing

Nature: History: Science lessons from the Gulag

The Washington Post: What Libraries Lost When They Threw Out the Card Catalog

Nature: Information technology: A digital genius at play


h-madness: A History of the Mind and Mental Health in Classical Greek Medical Thought

The Geological Society: The Archaeological and Forensic Applications of Microfossils: A Deeper Understanding of Human History

Harvard University Press: Inside the Lost Museum: Curating, Past and Present

Boydell & Brewer: Bacteriology in British India: Laboratory Medicine and the Tropics

Historiens de la santé: Spatializing the History of Ecology: Sires, Journeys, Mappings

puf: La consultation


Express: Stranded in the Arctic: Discovered missing ship set to be shown in exhibition

The Guardian: Going underground: London’s new Postal Museum and subterranean mail train

Imperial War Museum: Secret War

IET: Archives online exhibitions

Philly.com: Decay, rot on display at Chemical Heritage Museum

Environment & Society Portal: Virtual Exhibitions: The Northwest Passage: Myth Environment, and Resources

Circumpolar routes. The map shows the different shipping routes across the Arctic. Source: Arctic Council, “Circumpolar Routes,” Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment 2009 Report, available at arcticdata.is.

Tampa Bay History Center: The Florida-Cuba Connection 4 July 2017–28 January 2018

Osher Map Library: Online Exhibits: Local Boosters, Historians, and Engineers Map Antebellum Portland Maine

Musée « La Boverie » de Liège: La leçon d’Anatomie – 500 ans d’histoire de la médecine 21 Juni 2017–17 Septembre 2017

Royal Botanical Gardens Kew: Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker – Trailblazing global botanist and explorer

BBC News: Whaling’s ‘uncomfortable’ legacy

University of Otago Library: Special Collections Exhibitions: Intrepid Journeys: Travelling with the Hakluyt Society 16 June–8 September 2017

Musée Barrois, Bar-le-Duc: Inventer pour guérir. François Humbert (1776-1850), une aventure médicale meusienne 27 Mai–23 Septembre

Wellcome Collection: A museum of modern nature 22 June–8 October 2017

BBC News: Captain Cook Birthplace Museum reopens after revamp

Royal Museums Greenwich: Maritime Memories Machine Tour 8 June–27 August 2017

Bletchley Park: Bill Tutte: Mathematician + Codebreaker 15 May 2017–15 May 2019

Berwick Museum & Art Gallery: Bright Lights in the Borders 3 June–30 September 2017

National Maritime Museum Greenwich: Death in the ice: the shocking story of Franklin’s final expedition 14 July 2017–7 January 2018

Medium: Biggest-ever display of fossil hominins opens

Garden Museum: Tradescant’s Orchard: A Celebration of Botanical Art: May–September 2017

Painting from the Tradescants’ Orchard

Union College, NY: Maps hold key to Adirondacks history in new exhibit runs till 29 September 2017

Cal Welch ’62 and his daughter, Caroline ’01, discuss new exhibit at the Kelly Adirondack Center – See more at: https://www.union.edu/news/stories/2017/05/maps-hold-key-to-adirondacks-history-in-new-exhibit.php#sthash.U5q1qh7d.dpuf

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow: Museum Collection: Explore highlights from our collection

Nursing Clio: War Art 100 Years Later: The “World War I and American Art” Exhibit and the Centenary of the Great War

The University of Manchester: Manchester Museum: Object Lessons

Le Devoir: Le Musée de la civilisation dévoile toutes les couleurs de la matière grise

The Australian: Hadron Collider show reveals art of science at Sydney Powerhouse Museum

Royal Museums Greenwich: Do the Ultimate Time Trail

National Railway Museum: National Railway Museum marks historic First World War centenary with new exhibition

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia: Digital Library: Under the Influence of the Heavens: Astrology in Medicine in the 15th and 16th Centuries

Uzeeum: House of Wax: Anatomical, Pathological, and Ethnographic Waxworks from Castan’s Panopticum, Berlin, 1869–1922

Until Darwin: Maria Martin Bachman’s sketches and paintings for Audubon: On-line Exhibition from the Charleston County Public Library

Royal College of Physicians: “Anatomy as Art” Facsimile Display Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm

Hyperallergic: A 19th-Century Photographer of Scottish Industrialization Gets His First Survey

The Guardian: Designers on acid: the tripping Californians who paved the way to our touchscreen world

Teylers Museum: De Lorentz Formule in Het Lorentz Lab 18 May 2017–18 May 2020

Wollaton Hall Nottingham: Dinosaurs of China 1 July–29 October 2017

Science Museum: The Festival of Britain – a meeting of science and art

U.S.News: New Kensington Museum Preserves Computing Relics

 Sanofi Pasteur: The Legacy Project

The Recipes Project: Artifacts at an Exhibition: The Art and Science of Healing at the University of Michigan

Het Scheep Vaart Museum: Blaeu’s Wereld In Kaart 14 April–31 December 2017

Le Soleil: 400 ans de pharmacie

Royal Cornwall Museum: The Medicine Man – A Spotlight on Richard Lander March–September 2017

The Gibbes Museum of Art: Artist, Scientist, Explorer: Mark Catesby in the Carolinas 12 May–24 September 2017

Indianapolis Museum of Art: Audubon: Drawn to Nature 1 April–30 July 2017

The Guardian: Mat Collishaw restages 1839 photography show in virtual reality

Arizona State University: Rare ASU map collection reveals truths about history of American Southwest

Old Operating Theatre: Virtual Tour

Criminal Corpses: Harnessing the Power of the Criminal Corpses – Online Exhibition

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew: Joseph Hooker: Putting plants in their place 25 March–17 September 2017

Daguerreotype of J.D. Hooker by William Edward Kilburn, circa 1852

IET: Archives: Online Exhibitions

Oxford Today: Volcanoes – from catastrophe to the sublime

The British Museum: Where the Thunderbird lives: cultural resilience on the Northwest Coast of North America 23 February–27 August 2017

American Museum of Natural History: Mummies Opens Now

Biodiversity Library Exhibition: Early Women in Science

Maria Emma Gray (1787–1876), was an English conchologist and algologist

SD Times: Computer History Museum debuts Make Software exhibit

Harvard Map Collection: Exhibition Analysis 1: Commemorative and Humanitarian Disasters

University of Southern Maine: Osher Map Library to celebrate new exhibition “To Conquer or Submit? American views the Great War” 100 years after U.S. involvement in WWI

St John’s College: Under the Knife at St John’s: New exhibition showcases a medical history of disease and dissection

Boston Public Library: Exhibition: Regions and Seasons: Mapping Climate through History 4 March–27 August 2017

Osher Map Library: The Northwest Passage: Navigating Old Beliefs and New Realities

Adler Planetarium: Chasing Eclipses Opening 25 March 2017

Hyperallergic: When Dissection Was a Criminal Punishment Worse Than Death

Advances in the History of Psychology: New Book & Touring Exhibit on Ramón y Cajal: The Beautiful Brain

The Sydney Morning Herald: Beauty in Science


Palaeo Manchester: Object Lessons exhibition: – Opens 20 May 2017

Brendel plant models. Image courtesy of Rosamond Purcell

Brendel plant models.
Image courtesy of Rosamond Purcell

Linda Hall Library: Connecting the Dots: The Science of CSI 16 March–1 September 2017

The Orange County Register: CSUF’s Pollak Library presents a special program and exhibit on the art of map making

Djournal.com: 200 years of statehood: Ole Miss puts history on display for bicentennial

American Museum of Natural History: Natural Histories: 400 Years of Scientific Illustration from the Museum’s Library

Daily Titan: New CSUF exhibit maps out California’s history

Stedelijk Studies: Vestiges of 125,660 Specimens of Natural History

heritage.utah.gov: Utah Drawn: An Exhibition of Rare Maps Opens: 27 January 2017

Colonizing Animals: Historical Pose-abilities of Colonial Photography

Royal Museums Greenwich: Endeavour galleries: Launches 2018

Hyperallergic: When Art Was the Scientist’s Eye: 400 Years of Natural History Illustrations

Frog dissection illustration from the book “Historia naturalis ranarum nostratium…(Natural history of the native frogs…)” from 1758 (© AMNH\D. Finnin)

Frog dissection illustration from the book “Historia naturalis ranarum nostratium…(Natural history of the native frogs…)” from 1758 (© AMNH\D. Finnin)

Orpiment: Prehistoric Animals: A series of illustrations by David Roland


Centrum für Naturkunde, Universität Hamburg: 19 Oktober 2017 – 28 Februar 2018: Tieranatomisches Theater, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: Frühling/Sommer 2018: Verschwindende Vermächtnisse: Die Welt als Wald

ICE: ICE Bridge Engineering exhibition

AHF: Los Alomos History Museum Reopens

Linda Hall Library: Online Exhibition: Ice Victorian Romance

Exhibition: Enlightened Princesses: Caroline, Augusta, Charlotte, and the Shaping of the Modern World: Kensington Palace, London, June 22–November 12, 2017

Utah Capitol Building: Utah Dawn: An Exhibition of Rare Maps 27 January–Late Summer 2017

BHL: Poetic Botany: A Digital Exhibition Celebrating the History of Botany

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek: Bilderwelten: Aufbruch zu Neuen Ufern: Mitteleuropäische Buchmalerei 1400–1540

Science Museum: Mathematics – The Winton Gallery


Royal College of Physicians: ‘a cabinet of rarities’: the curious collection of Sir Thomas Browne 30 January–27 July 2017

The Queen’s Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse: Maria Merian’s Butterflies 17 March–23 July 2017

Harvard Gazette: The story of Edwin Land

The National Museum of Computing: 1950’s celebrity robot goes on world tour

Causway Coast Community: County Antrim adventurer’s royal maps will graphically outline history

Bradbury Science Museum: Fifty years of nuclear safeguards

Cambridge Digital Library: Browse our collections: Curious Objects

Leek Post & Times: Mary A Blagg the Cheadle Astronomer honoured at Cheadle Discovery Centre exhibition

The Arctic Journal: Northwest Passages: Pre-factual cartography

Royal College of Physicians: ‘a cabinet of rarities’: the curious collection of Sir Thomas Browne 30 January–27 July 2017

past@present: Women in Science: The Stories Are All Around Us

Exhibition open 15 September 2016 through Summer 2017

Exhibition open 15 September 2016 through Summer 2017

Poetic Botany: Art & Science of the Eighteenth-Century Vegetable World

Gallica Rose

Gallica Rose

American Museum of Natural History: Opulent Oceans

Historical Medical Library: Online Exhibition: Under the Influence of the Heavens: Astrology in Medicine in the 15th and 16th Centuries

Museum of Science and Industry: Meet Baby Meet Baby Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday

Natural History Museum: Bauer Brothers art exhibition Runs till 26 February 2017 

Science Museum: Information Age

Science Museum: Robots

Science Museum: Fox Talbot: Dawn of the Photograph

Science Museum: Einstein’s Legacy

Science Museum: Journeys Through Medicine

Science Museum: Cosmos & Culture

Science Museum: Challenge of Materials

Science Museum: The Clockmakers’ Museum

Science Museum: Making the Modern World

Science Museum: Flight

Science Museum: Exploring Space

Science Museum: Mathematics: The Winton Gallery

Royal College of Physicians: ‘a cabinet of rarities’: the curious collection of Sir Thomas Browne 30 January–27 July 2017

Ottawa Insider: Improved Science & Tech Museum Opening November 2017 


The Map Room: A Turkish Piri Reis Documentary is Coming

Variety: Paramount, Lorne Michaels Developing Autism Book ‘Neurotribes’ as Movie

BBC News: Britain’s great explorations now online

PBS: American Experience: Rachel Carson: She set out to save a species…us.

Youtube: Kepler’s Trial

Gielgud Theatre: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Booking to 03 June 2017

The Regal Theatre: The Trials of Galileo International Tour March 2014­–December 2017


BSHS: Events at the Museum of the History of Science Oxford July–September 2017

Atlas Obscura: Anatomical Illustrations from the Rare Book Room at the New York Academy of Medicine 21 July 2017

NYAM: Upcoming Events

NYAM: Talk: Get Me Out: Childbirth in Early 20th Century NYC 22 August 2017

NYAM: Summer & Fall 2017 Catalog of Events

Royal Museums Greenwich: One-day course: Sir John Franklin’s Artic exploration 25 July and 21 October 2017

Cardiff Naturalist Society: Cardiff Naturalist Society marks 150th Anniversary with a series of fascinating events

CHF: History Lab: Fiction and the Future 12 August 2017

The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh: Fashionable Medicine: syphilis, Spas and Melancholy 8-12 August 2017

Sea Trek: Cruise: In Search of Wallace and His Living Treasures with Dr. George Beccaloni 13–24 January 2018 $$$

Notches: Walking Tour: Gentrification and Queer Erasure in Roanoke, Virginia

Discover Medical London: London’s Medical Cabinets of Curiosity

Royal Institution: Lecture: The Periodic Table: Its Story and Significance – Eric Scerri 20 July 2017

New Scientist Discovery: The Science of the Renaissance: 8 Day Tour Departure: 2 November 2017 £££

Morbid Anatomy Museum: Events

Royal College of Physicians: Upcoming Events

The Warburg Institute: Maps and Society Lectures 26th Series Programme 2016–2017

Museum of Science and Industry Manchester: Engine Demonstration

The National Museum of Computing: Guided Tours

Gresham College: Future Lectures (some #histSTM)

Glasgow: Science on the Streets – Free Walking Tour


Gérard Dou The Astronomer and the Candle 1650
Source: Wikimedia Commons


BBC TWO: Melvyn Bragg on TV: The Box That Changed the World



Youtube: Linnean Society Channel

Youtube: AHF Channel

CBS Philly: Dream Drives: Elements of Life and Death at Chemical Heritage Museum

archive.org: Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams

Gresham College: Discovering Australia: The legend and the reality of the navigator-explorer Matthew Flinders


BBC Radio 4: In Our Time: The Ming Voyages

History Extra: Hans Sloane and the British Museum

BBC World Service: The Forum: Carl Linnaeus: Naming Nature

Stuff You Missed in History: NASA History: Chief Historian Bill Barry on Hugh Dryden

Scientific American: Old Records Help Resurrect Historic Quake

History of Philosphy without any gaps: 282. Portrait of the Artist: John Buridan


Le premier numéro de la revue Doc.Eu: Appel à contributions: Représentations du corps dans les sciences humaines et sociales Réception de l’article : 14 août 2017 au plus tard

Notches: CfP: Transgender Histories

BMJ Medical Humanities: CfP: Special Issue: Pain and its Pardoxes Deadline 1 August 2017

Intellect Journals: CfP: Journal of Science & Popular Culture

National Maritime Museum: Conference: Mapping the past, exploiting the future: cartographies and understandings of the Arctic 21–22 July 2017

Ordered Universe: Publications

Toronto, Ontario: Preliminary Program: HSS Annual Meeting 9–12 November 2017

Middlesex University: 2nd CLE Colloquium for Philosophy and History of Formal Sciences: “Logic and Computing” 19–21 July 2017

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow: CfP: Cannabis: Global Histories 19–20 April 2018 Deadline 15 January 2018

Societate și Politică: CfP: Rewrite Conflicts: The Role of Losers, Heretics, and Outsiders in the History of Medicine Deadline 15 December 2017

University of Exeter: Symposium: Medical Practice in Early Modern Britain in Comparative Perspective 4–6 September 2017

BPS: A BPS Flagship Event: Women in Psychology: From Invisibility to Influence 19 October 2017

ESA: History of Europe in space: Call for Contributions: ESA History Project Deadline 30 July 2017

University of Düsseldorf: CfP: The Generalized Theory of Evolution 31 January–3 February 2018

BJHP: CfP: Special Issue: Women and the History of Philosophy Deadline 31 January 2018

The American University of Paris: Appel à communications: Conférence internationale pluridisciplinaire d’histoire de la sexologie: Sexologies et théories de la sexualité. Traduction, appropriation, problématisation, médicalisation 30-31 Octobre 2017 Soumission des propositions 15 Juillet 2017

Ecole des Mines Paris Tech: Appel à communications: Techno*Care / Les technologies du « care » en santé 12 décembre 2017 avant le 14 juillet 2017 

UCL Health Humanities Centre: Exploring Transcultural Histories of Psychotherapies 8 July 2017

Numéro de la revue Itinéraires 2018-2: Appel à articles: Le merveilleux scientifique en spectacle (1850-1940) Date limite de réception des propositions : 14 juillet 2017

BSHS: Literary Agents Seek History of Science Authors

King’s University College London, Ontario: CSTHA: Appel à communiquer: Innovation ou aberration? Les significations historiques de l’échec scientifique et technologique 3–5 November 2017 Date limite: 30 juin 2017

Rice University: CfP: Medicine and Healing in the Age of Slavery 23–24 February 2018 Deadline 15 September 2017

Early Modern Low Countries: Call for Articles: A multidisciplinary open access journal dedicated to the study of the early modern Low Countries

Royal Museums Greenwich: Talks & Courses: Mapping the past, exploiting the future : cartographies and understandings of the Artic 21-22 July 2017

Pittsburgh, PA: CfP: 2018 NEMLA Conference: (Im)possible Bodies: Spaces and the Body in Early Modern Europe Deadline 29 September 2017

Unsettling Scientific Stories: Conference: Imagining the History of the Future 27–29 March 2018

University of Oxford: CfP: Conference: The Human Body and World War II 23–24 March 2018 Deadline 1 October 2017

University of Padua: CfP: ESA History Conference 23–24 November 2017 Deadline 30 July 2017

The Historic Dockyard, Chatham: Hakluyt Society Symposium 2017: Trading Companies and Travel Literature 11–12 September 2017

Trivent Publishing Series: History and Archaeology: Call for Contributions: Same Bodies, Different Women: Witches, Whores, and Handicapped

University of Kent: History of Medicine and Health – MA

Lady Science: Seeking Writers for Technological Memoir Special Series

University of York: Translating Medicine in the Pre-Modern World c. 1350–1800: A new collaborative project to be kickstarted with two conferences

International History of Cartography: Future Venues: 27th Conference Belo Horizonte, Brazil 9-14 July 2017 28th Conference Amsterdam, The Netherlands 14-19 July 2019

University of Leeds: Call of Participants: Interdisciplinarity in Practice: Medical Humanities Research Workshop for PGRs 7 September 2017

University of Greenwich: The State of Maritime Research 9 September 2017

University of Turku: CfP: Interdisciplinary Conference: Re-imagining the Christian Body 2-3 November 2017

Palgrave Communications: CfP (Special Issue): Socioeconomic Factors and Mental Health: Past and Present

Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, London: CfP: Controlling ‘Unseen’ Contagion: Disease, citizenship and mobility

Christ Church, University of Oxford: Interdisciplinary Symposium: Past and Present: Narratives of Progress and Decline in Nineteenth-Century 19 March 2018

NICHE: Seed2: Call for Pitches: New Research in Environmental History

Utrecht University: CfP: Funding bodies and late modern science 30 November–1 December 2017 Deadline 15 June 2017

Uppsaala University: CfP: Workshop: Vaccines: Values, Present and Past 23–24 November 2017 Deadline 9 June 2017

Columbia University: The Center for Science and Society: Science and Art Events in New York City

Johns Hopkins University: Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of Medicine 13–14 October 2017 Deadline 5 June 2017

Amsterdam: CfP: Materia Medica on the Move II 4–6 October 2017 Deadline 19 June 2017

University of Trondheim: The 11th International Conference on the History of Chemistry 29 August–1 September 2017

Belo Horizonte: International Conference for the History of Cartography Programme 9–14 July 2017

Harvard University: CfP: Medical Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Environmental Conference 2017 29–30 September 2017

Philadelphia Pennsylvania: CfP: Measure, Model, Mix: Computer as Instrument 2017 SIGCIS Conference 29 October 2017 Deadline 30 June 2017

Society of Architectural Historians, Saint Paul, Minnesota: CfP: A Matter of Life and Death: Spaces for Healing in the Premodern Era 18–22 April 2018 Deadline 15 June 2017

Stevens Institute of Technology: CfP: Technologies of Frankenstein 1818–­2018 7–9 March 2018

University of Greenwich: CfP: The State of Maritime History Research 9 September 2017 Deadline 1 June 2017

Université Paris Descartes, Sorbonne Paris Cité: Appel à communications: Monde du sport, monde de la santé : quelles relations, quels croisements? 16 et 17 novembre 2017 au plus tard le 3 juillet 2017

Uppsala University: Conference: CfP: Making It Up: Histories of Research Integrity and Fraud in Scientific Practice 12–14 April 2018 Deadline 15 May 2017

Edinburgh: CfP: Pamphleteering Culture, 1558–1702 30 September 2017 Deadline 30 June 2017

Tsinghua University: Symposium: Frontier in the Philosophy of Specific Sciences 19–20 August 2017

Johns Hopkins University: CfP: Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of Medicine 13–14 October 2017 Deadline 15 June 2017

Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh: CfP: International Symposium: Building the Scottish Diaspora 17–18 November 2017 Deadline 24 July 2017

University of Sevilla: Workshop: Mathematics and Mechanics in the Newtonian Age: historical and philosophical questions 18–20 September 2017

Harvard University: CfP: Medical Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Environment 29–30 September 2017 Deadline 15 June 2017

Angoulême: Appel à communications: Corps handicapés, corps mutilés dans la bande dessinée 29-30 novembre et 1er décembre 2017

University of Cambridge: CfP: Histories of Anthropology: Transforming Knowledge and Power (1870–1970)

Remedia: CfP: Themed Series: Managing Women’s Health

Fondation Singer-Polignac, Paris: Appel à communications: L’Oeil du XIXe siècle 26-29 mars 2018

University of Edinburgh: CfP: Conference: Pamphleteering Culture, 1558–1702 30 September 2017 Deadline 30 June 2017

University of Montréal: Conference: Early Modern ‘Transformissions’ Linguistic, material, and cultural translation in England and France (c.1470–1660) 5-7 July 2017

Libori Summer School 2017: Émilie du Châtelet on Matter, Bodies, Forces, and Motion Part II 23–28 July 2017 Deadline 15 July 2017

Open University of the Netherlands: CfP: The Icon as Cultural Model: Past, Present and Future 23–26 January 2018 Deadline 1 July 2017

TU Delft and Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam: CfP: EAHN: The Tools of the Architect 22–24 November 2017 Deadline 15 May 2017

RDS Dublin: CfP: Annual Conference of the History of Science, Technology & Medicine Network of Ireland 13–14 October 2017 Deadline 26 May 2017

Hakluyt Society Blog: CfP: Hakluyt Society Symposium 2017: Trading Companies and Travel Literature 11–12 September 2017 Deadline 30 April 2017

Rutgers University: CfP: Workshop: Method and Analysis of Syriac texts

University of Oxford: The Bountiful Sea Conference: Fish processing and consumption in Mediterranean antiquity 6–8 September 2017

Academia: Scientiae 2017 Programme

St Anne’s College, Oxford: Constructing Scientific Communities: Science, Medicine and Culture in the Nineteenth Century: Seminars for Trinity Term 2017

Insitute of Historical Research: School of Advanced Study, University of London: Food History

University of Sevilla, Institute of Mathematics: CfP: Workshop: Mathematics and Mechanics in the Newtonian Age: historical and philosophical question 18-20 Sept. 2017

University of London: Institute of Historical Research: CfP: The Hakluyt Symposium 2017: Trading Companies and Travel Literature 11–12 September 2017 Deadline 30 April 2017

Scottish Universities Insight Institute, University of Strathclyde: CfP: Understanding the Intersection of Alcoholism, Stigma, and Disability: Past and Present 1–2 March 2018 Deadline 3 July 2017

University of Kent: CfP: Hakluyt Society Symposium 2017: Trading Companies and Travel Literature 11–12 September 2017

APS: 2017 History of Physics Essay Contest Deadline 1 September 2017

SHMCNG, Archives départementales Nîmes: Appel à communications: Hygiène et santé en Bas-Languedoc oriental du XVIIIe siècle aux lendemains du premier conflit mondial la fin septembre 2017

Madison Wisconsin: Conference: CfP: Book History and Digital Humanities 22–24 September 2017 Deadline 15 April 2017

EUI – History of Science: #BSHSPG2017 programme is out

Royal Air Force Museum: Conference: Air Power in an Age of Uncertainty 29 September 2017

Manchester Medieval Society: New Seminar Series: Connecting ‘Medieval’ Worlds

Masaryk Institute and Archives of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague: Conference: Scientists and “Third World Countries” in the 1960s to 1980s 23–24 November 2017

Libori Summer School: Émilie Du Châtelet: Matter, Bodies, Forces, Motion 23–28 July 2017

Université de Genève: Appel à communication: Produire du nouveau ? Arts – Techniques – Sciences en Europe (1400-1900) 23–25 novembre 2017 avant le 15 mars 2017

University of Bern: Conference: Thinking about Space and Time: 100 Years of Applying and Interpreting General Relativity 13–15 September 2017

University of Colorado in Boulder: CfP: 33rd Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science 13–15 October 2017 Deadline 1 June 2017

Philosophia Scientiae: Journal CfP

Durban, KZN, South Africa: CfP: Philosophy of Technology Symposium 22–23 July 2017 Deadline 31 March 2017

Surgeons’ Hall, Edinburgh: CfP: British Society for the History of Medicine Congress 13–16 September 2017 Deadline 31 May 2017

Sheraton City Centre, Toronto: CfP: History of Science Society (HSS) 2017 Conference 19–121 November 2017 Deadline 3 April 2017

NYAM: Public Programs

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich: CfP: Mapping the Past, Exploiting the Future 21–22 July 2017 Deadline 1 March 2017

New College, Oxford: CfP: Patient Voices: Historical and Ethical Engagement with Patient Experiences of Healthcare, 1850–1948 18–19 September 2017 Deadline 1 April 2017

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens: Conference: Borders and Technology 7–10 September 2017

NACBS Denver: CfP: Workshops on Early Modern Bodies and Cultures of Imperialism November 2017 Deadline 30 March 2017

New College, University of Oxford: CfP: Patient Voices: Historical and Ethical Engagement with Patient Experiences of Healthcare, 1850–1948 18–19 September 2017 Deadline 1 April 2017

Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile: Conference: KNOWLEDGE/CULTURE/ECOLOGIES – KCE2017 15–18 November 2017

NICHE: New Scholars Call for Participants: Digital #EnvHist Meeting, Current Climate e-Roundtable, and ASEH Warm-up

Notches: CfP: Histories of Sex and Sexuality in Central and Eastern Europe

University of Göttingen: Summer School: The Material Culture of Exploration and Academic Travel 1700–1900 24–29 July 2017

Royal Historical Society: New Historical Perspectives: Accepting Proposals from Early Career Historian

CHF: The Decay Project: Call for Entries

Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre, Zeist: Call for Applications: TransPositions Summer School 2017: Sensible Objects, Material Engagement, Skilled Expertise 21–25 August 2017

Université McGill, Montréal: 85e congrès de l’ACFAS: Appel à communications: Les infirmières de la folie. Histoire et évolution des soins infirmiers en psychiatrie au sein de l’espace francophone

University of Manchester: CHSTM seminar series

Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf: Vortrags- und Sektionsanmeldungen für die erste Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft in Münster vom 22.-24. September 2017: Wissenschafts-, Medizin- und Technikreflexion auf dem Prüfstand: Historische und aktuelle Herausforderungen

IUHMSP, Lausanne: Séminaire de recherche en histoire et études sociales de la médecine, de la santé, et des sciences du vivant: Semestre de printemps 2017

University of Münster, Germany: CfP: Contemplating Science, Medicine, and Technology: Past and Present Challenges 22–24 September 2017 Deadline 1 March 2017

American Academy of Religion: Annual Meeting Boston MA 18-21 November 2017 CfP: Western Esotericism Unit

Université McGill, Montréal: Appel à contribution: Les infirmières de la folie: Histoire et évolution des soins infirmiers en psychiatrie au sein de l’espace francophone 8 et 9 mai 2017 avant le 20 février 2017

BSHS: Themes: Call for Proposals

IRSPUM, Montréal: La santé en débat: Programme de l’Hiver 2017

The Collation: Announcing a New Folger Fellowship in Honor of Margaret Hannay

SHOT 2017: CfP. Thinking with Ann Johnson Philadelphia 26–29 October 2017

NACBS Denver: CfP: Early Modern History Workshop: Bodies Corporeal and Rhetorical 3–5 November 2017 Deadline 3 March 2017

The Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at Boston Public Library: Teacher Workshop: Mapping a New World: Places of Colonization and Conflict in 17th-Century New England 9–14 July 2017 National Participants 23–28 July 2017 Commuting Participants Applications Deadline 1 March 2017

Bucharest, Romania: CfP: Biennial Conference of the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health (EAHMH): The Body Politic: States in the History of Medicine and Health 30 August–2 September 2017 New Deadline 31 January 2017

BHSH: Travel Grants for the International Congress in Rio

Cornell University: The Richardson History of Psychiatry Research Seminar Spring 2017

BNF/Université Paris-Descartes-USPC: Colloque international: Appel à communications: Alfred Binet, expérimentateur. Entre archives de la psychologie et éducation physique 12–13 Octobre 2017 Avant le 31 janvier 2017

Société de Démographie Historique, Centre Roland Mousnier, Paris: Appel à communications: Le sang. Famille, parenté, transmission du Moyen Âge à nos jours 23–24 novembre 2017 Date limite de l’appel : 15 janvier 2017

Merida, Yucatan, Mexico: CfP: “IX International and Interdisciplinary Conference: Alexander von Humboldt and Travellers Through Yucatan”, 19–24 November 2018 Deadline 29 May 2017

Centre for Global Health Histories, Department of History, University of York: Call for applications: William Bynum Essay Prize (Medical History)

University of California, Berkeley: 2017 4S Conference Proposal Submission Dates

Historiens de la santé: CfP: Edited Collection: Medicine and What it Means to be Human

University of Utrecht: CfP: Workshop: Histories of Measurement and Self-making 29–30 June 2017 Deadline 6 January 2017

Journal 18: a journal of eighteenth-century art and culture: CfP: #3 Lifelike (Spring 2017) #4 East-Southeast (Fall 2017) #5 Coordinates (Spring 2018) #6 Albums (Fall 2018)

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science: CfP:Workshop: Estimated Truths: Water, Science, and the Politics of Approximation 16-17August 2017

The Göttingen Institute of Advanced Study: CfP: Mapping the Territory: Exploring People and Nature, 1700–1830 Two Conferences Berne 14–16 September 2017 Göttingen 7–9 December 2017 Deadline 20 January 2017

Manchester Conference Centre: CfP: Genealogies of Knowledge I: Translating Political and Scientific Thought across Time and Space 7–9 December 2017 Deadline 15 February 2017


SSHM: CfP: Biennial Conference of the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health (EAHMH) 30 August–2 September 2017 Deadline 31 January 2017

Septièmes journées internationales d’études médiévales des Jeunes Chercheurs Médiévistes de l’Université de Genève & de la Conférence universitaire de Suisse occidentale: Appel à communications: Vivre et mourir au Moyen Âge 9-10 mars 2017 avant le 1er décembre 2016

University of Ghent: Program Seminar in History and Philosophy of Science 2016–2017

Transversal: CfP: Special Issue on Historiography of Medicine Deadline 31 July 2017 Publication December 2017

Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science: 57th Annual Program 2016–2017

Victoria, British Columbia: CfP: Conference SHARP 2017: Technologies of the Book 9-12 June 2017 Deadline 30 November 2016

Kraków Poland: CfP. 6th Conference of the European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences 20-22 September 2017

‘Villa Dohrn’, Ischia, Italy: Call for applications: Fifteenth Ischia Summer School on the History of the Life Sciences Cycles of Life 24 June–1 July 2017

Philadelphia, PA: RBS Mellon Conference: CfP: Resembling Science: The Unruly Object across the Disciplines 12–15 October 2017

University of Ghent: Concepts and methods in philosophy and history of science: Calendar, 2016–2017

Friends of Birmingham Museums and Arts Gallery (BMAG): Looking for speakers for their Science Shorts series in March, June, September and December 2017

The History of Modern Biomedicine: CfP: Frontiers in Pharmacology: Pharmaceutical innovation after World War II: from rational drug discovery to biopharmaceuticals

Ryerson University (Toronto): Appel à communications: Congrès annuel de la Société canadienne d’histoire de la médecine: L’épopée d’une histoire: 150 ans vers l’avenir 27–29 mai 2017

University of Warwick: CfP: Cultures of Exclusion in the Early Modern World: Enemies and Strangers, 1600–1800

King’s College London: ChoSTM Seminar Programme 2016–2017

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin: Workshop: Turkish Manuscript Studies: An Introduction 27 March–1 April 2017 Deadline 27 November 2017


UCL: STS: Seminar Series Spring 2017

Erasmus University Rotterdam: CfP: Fourth Annual Conference on the History of Recent Social Science


University of Exeter: EPSA 17: CfP: The Sixth Biennial Conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association 6-9 September 2017 Deadline 5 January 2017

University of Kiel: CfP: 9th International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines (ICTAM IX) 6–12 August 2017: Asian Medicines: Encounters, Translations and Transformations Deadline 1 November 2016

‘Carol Davila’ University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest: Biennial Conference of the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health (EAHMH): CfP: The Body Politic: States in the History of Medicine and Health 30 August-2 September 2017 Deadline 1 January 2017

BSHS: University College London: 8th International Conference for the European Society for the History of Science: Unity and Disunity 15–17 September 2018

Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS: CfP: 49th Annual Meeting of Cheiron: The International Society for the History of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Institute of Historical Research, University of London: Maritime History and Culture Seminar 2016–17

FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia: Applications to Fernando Gil International Prize in Philosophy of Science 2017

Sheikh Zayed Theatre, London: The Forum for European Philosophy Women in Science Forthcoming Events

Royal Museums Greenwich: CfP: Conference: Joseph Banks, Science, Culture and Exploration 14–15 September 2017

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim: CFP: 11th International Conference on the History of Chemistry 29 August–2 September 2017

University of Edinburgh: Science, Technology and Innovation Studies Seminar Series 2016/17

Trivium, Tampere Centre for Classical, Medieval, and Early Modern Studies: CfP: Religious and/or Medicinal definitions of Otherness Deadline 23 September 2016

Institut Pasteur de Lille: Conférences d’histoire de la médecine de Lille Programme des conférences 2016 – 2017


Archives and Records: CfP: Special issue on ‘Archives and Museums’, spring 2018

King’s College London: CHoSTM Seminar Programme 2016–2017

Royal Museums Greenwich: AHRC Funded Research Network Project: Joseph Banks, Science, Culture and the Remaking of the Indo-Pacific World

University of Pittsburgh: Center for Philosophy of Science 57th Annual Lecture Series 2016–17

ICHST “2017: Symposium Proposals Approved by IPC

University of Durham: Conference: Quo Vadis Selective Scientific Realism? 5–7 August 2017

EOI: Call for Expressions of Interest: Learned societies and the circulation of knowledge, 1750-2000 From Aileen Fyfe and Jenny Beckman

Berlin –Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaft: Project: Galen of Pergamum: The Transmission, Interpretation and Completion of Ancient Medicine

Centre de Russie pour la Science et la Culture, Paris: Appel à communications: “L’Homme dans le monde de l’incertitude. Méthodologie de la cognition culturelle et historique”. Colloque international pour le 120e anniversaire de la naissance de Lev Vygotsky 13 octobre 2016

Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science: Upcoming Events

Everything Early Modern Women: CfP: The Body and Spiritual Experience: 1500–1700 (RSA 2017)

Symposium at the 25th International Congress of History of Science and Technology (Rio de Janeiro, 23-29 July 2017): CfP: Blood, Food, and Climate: Historical Relationships Between Physiology, Race, Nation-Building, and Colonialism/Globalization

H-Sci-Med-Tech: CFP: Blood, Food & Climate – Symposium at the 25th International Congress of History of Science and Technology

University of Ghent: Program Seminar in History and Philosophy of Science 2016–2017

Transversal: CfP: Special Issue on Historiography of Medicine Deadline 31 July 2017 Publication December 2017

Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science: 57th Annual Program 2016–2017

Kraków Poland: CfP. 6th Conference of the European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences 20-22 September 2017

Philadelphia, PA: RBS Mellon Conference: CfP: Resembling Science: The Unruly Object across the Disciplines 12–15 October 2017

University of Ghent: Concepts and methods in philosophy and history of science: Calendar, 2016–2017

Friends of Birmingham Museums and Arts Gallery (BMAG): Looking for speakers for their Science Shorts series in March, June, September and December 2017

Ryerson University (Toronto): Appel à communications: Congrès annuel de la Société canadienne d’histoire de la médecine: L’épopée d’une histoire: 150 ans vers l’avenir 27–29 mai 2017

King’s College London: ChoSTM Seminar Programme 2016–2017


Natural History Museum: Vacancy for Research Leaders, Life Sciences

Science Museum: Collaborative doctoral awards 2017 Open Call

University of Lund: Postdoctoral Fellowship in the History of Knowledge

University of Leuven: PhD Studentship: Catholic Medicine and Its Others in Belgium and the Belgian Congo, 1900–1965

Harvard University: Tenure-Track assistant Professor in the History of Modern American Medicine

Wesleyan University: Assistant Professor, Science in Society Program

NYAM: Library Fellowships




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