Whewell’s Gazette: Year 03, Vol. #50

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Year 3, Volume #50

Monday 31 July 2017


 With #50 we are just two editions away from completing the third year of publication of Whewell’s Gazette the weekly #histSTM links list serving up all of the histories of science, technology and medicine delivered via the Internet over that last seven days.

I think that the last (almost) three years of Whewell’s Gazette have amply demonstrated that the width, depth and diversity of #histSTM writing available on the Internet is pretty impressive. However, we must note that dedicated #histSTM blogs on major media platforms are exceedingly rare, The Guardian website featuring The H-Word Blog by Vanessa Heggie (@HPS_Vanessa) and Rebekah Higgitt (@beckyfh) being a notable exception.

This #histSTM blog featuring not only the work of its highly knowledgeable founders but also, over the years, a very impressive list of top quality guest bloggers is without doubt one of the best addresses for top quality #histSTM in cyberspace today. This being the case Whewell’s Gazette was deeply saddened when we recently discovered that The Guardian is to drop the H-Word because it doesn’t garner enough traffic in comparison with the Guardian’s other science blogs.

It is to be hoped that the H-Ladies succeed in setting up their #histSTM tent on another platform and continue to educate, entertain and enlighten us with their excellent #histSTM journalism. For the moment we will just say adieu Guardian H-Word and thank you for setting standards in quality #histSTM blogging that we could and can only aspire to emulate, even if we don’t always succeed.

Quotes of the week:

 “A person died after hearing the price of Tur daal.

Dr. issued death certificate that read… Cause of death.…”High pulse rate”” – Sanjay Hegde (@sanjayuvacha)

 “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned” – Richard Feynman

“James Bond gave me wholly unrealistic expectations of how exciting microfilms could be…” – Seb Falk (@Seb_Falk)

“Algebra is the offer made made by the devil to the mathematician…” -Sir Michael Atiyah

“All things living are in search of a better world” – Karl Popper

“True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge, but the refusal to acquire it” – Karl Popper

“I must invent my own systems or be enslaved by other men’s” – William Blake

“Dad just asked if Egyptians who spoke both Greek and Coptic were called Helle-Copters and now I don’t feel too well” – Danica Fuller (@DJFuller1991)

“German lesson of the day “Trantüte” literally “bag of whale blubber” meaning a very slow and not-thinking person” – Sandra Kamping (@sakamping)

Stephen Leacock (1936) on how historians spend their summers h/t Tina Adcock (@TinaAdcock)

Anniversaries of the Week:

 Christoph Scheiner born 25 July 1573 or 1575

Christoph Scheinet (artist unknown)

Linda Hall Library: Scientist of the Day – Christoph Scheiner

The Renaissance Mathematicus: Apelles hiding behind the painting

Frontispiece from Rosa Ursina (1630) by Christoph Scheiner

Rosalind Franklin born 25 July 1920

Rosalind Franklin
Source: Wikimedia Commons

SciHi Blog: Rosalind Franklin and the Beauty of the DNA Structure

The Royal Society: Facebook: The tragically short, yet illustrious life of Rosalind Franklin

MRC insight: Behind the picture: Photo 51

Wellcome Library: The Rosalind Franklin papers

yg Topics: Giants in genomics: Rosalind Franklin

Alembic Rare Books: A Rare Biographical Sketch of Rosalind Franklin by Her Mothe

CHF: James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, and Rosalind Franklin

AHF: Rosalind Franklin

Jeanne Baret born 27 July 1740

Imagined portrait of Jeanne Baré dressed as a sailor, dating from 1817, after her death. Source: Wikimedia Commons

SciHi Blog: Jeanne Baret – An Intrepid Woman of Discovery

George Biddell Airy born 27 July 1801

George Biddell Airy (1801-1892)
John Collier / 1883
Source: Wikimedia Commons

SciHI Blog: The Astronomical Achievements of Sir George Biddell Airy

Royal Museums Greenwich: Astronomer Royal George Biddell Airy and his many measuring devices

Edward Drinker Cope born 28 July 1840

Edward Drinker Cope
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Linda Hall Library: Scientist of the Day – Edward Drinker Cope

The Academy of Natural Sciences: Getting to Know Cope

Youtube: Bone Wars Teil 5 – Ich bin Edward Drinker Cope

Linda Hall Library: Paper Dinosaurs: 11. Cope Reconstructs Laelaps, 1869

Vladimir Zworykin born 30 July 1888

Zworykin demonstrates electronic television (1929).
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Engineering and Technology History Wiki: Oral-History: Vladimir Zworykin

SciHi Blog: Vladimir Zworykin’s Television System

Regnier de Graaf born 30 July 1641

Source: Wikimedia Commons

SciHi Blog: Regnier de Graaf – Creator of Experimental Physiology


Roger Launius’s Blog: Three Canopies into the Pacific: Coming Home during Project Apollo

culture.pl: Dr. Rotblat: Or How I learned to Start Worrying & Fear the Bomb

ESA: Alphasat

Symmetry: A brief etymology of particle physics

AGU Blogosphere: Researchers uncover 200-year-old sunspot drawings in Maine

The Public Domain Review: Images from Johann Zahn’s Oculus Artificialis (1685)

Voices of the Manhattan Project: Raemer Schreiber’s Interview (1965)

AHF: Los Alamos Innovations: Water Boiler Reactor

Society for the History of Astronomy: SHA e-NEWS: Volume 9, no.3, August 2017

University of Cambridge Digital Library: Newton Papers: Early Papers

AIP: Charles Townes

The Renaissance Mathematicus: A very special book

Title page of the first edition of De revolutionibus
Source: Wikimedia Commons

brainpickings: How to Watch the Un-sunlike Sun: Solar Eclipse Tips from Pioneering Astronomer Maria Mitchell

Spaceflight History: Flyby’s Last Gasp: North American Rockwell’s S-IIB Interplanetary Booster (1968)

ESA: space in images: Comet on 30 July 2015 – Navcam

ESA: space in images: During Venus Express Orbit Number 465, on 30 July 2007

Pri: A team of women is unearthing the forgotten legacy of Harvard’s women ‘computers’

A dozen women computers hold hands in this 1918 photograph, which Smith Zrull calls the “paper doll” photo. To the far right is Edward Pickering, who hired the women computers. Credit: Courtesy Harvard College Observatory, Plate Stacks


SciHi Blog: Joseph Nicollet and the Upper Mississippi River

Teaching the Middle East: Eleventh-century BCE Egyptian Funerary Papyrus Showing Nut and Geb

Sasha Trubetskoy: Roman Roads of Britain: Network Map

Atlas Obscura: Mapping Dante’s Inferno, One Circle of Hell at a Time

Botticelli’s Map of Hell.

Atlas Obscura: 11 Geographic Markers That Are Totally Inaccurate

Boston Rare Maps: Rare cholera map of the first and second Pandemics

SciHi Blog: John Speed and His Famous Maps

Boston Rare Maps: A “sweeping application of thematic cartography”


Royal Colle4ge of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow: Our Artist in Residence “meets” Joseph Lister

O Can You See?: From “Invalid Corps” to full active duty: America’s disabled soldiers return to war

National Museum of Civil War Medicine: Blood Transfusion in the Civil War Er

SciHi Blog: You Cannot Not Communicate – Paul Watzlawick

TLS: The tooth hurts

Sara’s Blog: The Old Paregoric Shop

History Extra: Dr James Barry: a surgeon with a secret

University of Malta: Guarding Against Contagion: Vigilance and the Role of Fortifications in Malta during the Outbreak of Plague in Messina in 1743

Hektoen International: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Wellcome Library: Ambroise Paré’s medical ‘monsters’

Smithsonian.com: Five Fascinating Facts About Carl Jung

Smithsonian.com: The Lady Anatomist Who Brought Dead Bodies to Light

Anna Morandi Manzolini (1714-1774), Italian anatomist and sculptor, from a drawing by Cesare Bettini. (Wikimedia Commons)

Hektoen International: Portraits of vision: Sir Joshua Reynolds

Wynning History: “Played Out” – Corporal Henry Keiser and Disease in the Seven Days’ Battle

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Library and Archive: Cataloguing the GoldieScot Correspondence Collection

Nursing Clio: The “Right” and “Wrong” Kind of Addict: Iatrogenic Opioid Addiction in Historical Context

The Globe and Mail: Insulin: The Canadian discovery that has saved millions of lives

Dallas News: How Dallas dealt polio a massive blow by vaccinating 900,000 people in two days

In 1962, Dr. Percy Luecke Jr. led a bold campaign to vaccinate 1 million residents of Dallas County against polio. Now 91, Luecke proudly recalls the effort and has a scrapbook with news articles about the campaign.

AEON: Humans are the only animals who crave oblivion through suicide

Thomas Morris: The seventy-year-old mother-to-be

Thomas Morris: The cheese knife lobotomy

Mental Floss: 7 Famous People Researchers Want to Exhume

The Wood Library-Museum: Replica of Morton Inhaler

NCPedia: Smith, Henry Louis

Hektoen International: The Heritage Craft Schools and Hospitals for Crippled Children

Carpentry school, from Kimmins,


1832 diagram of the Sheerness tide gauge h/t Wilko Hardenberg (@wilkohardenberg)

 SciHi Blog: Robert Cocking’s Parachuting Accident

SciHi Blog: Arthur Whitten Brown and the First Transatlantic Flight

Wired: Einstein’s Little-Known Passion Project? A Refrigerator

The Public Domain Review: Barnard’s Universal Criminal Cipher Code (1895)

SciHI Blog: Louis Blèriot’s famous Flight across the English Channel

National Cryptologic Museum Foundation: Cryptologic History Calendar: 1889: Agnes Meyer Driscoll, noted cryptanalyst, was born

British Library: Untold lives blog: Thomas Bowrey’s cloth samples

O Say Can You See?: Dotchin or “opium scale” – What’s in a name?

Tedium: Sega, In Channel Form

Atlas Obscura: USS Ling Submarine

Friends of the Union Chain Bridge: Celebrating 200 Years

The New York History Blog: A Short History of Watervliet Water Works

British Library: Sound and vision blog: Recording of the week: ‘The BBC are coming on Friday, can we show them a prototype?”

delancyplace.com: The Self-Taught Engineers of the Erie Canal

Family Tree: New database focuses on railway worker accidents in Britain between 1911 and 1915

ominous-valve.com: High’s Awesome Shortwave Recordings

AEON: The Soviet InterNyet

The Dawlish Chronicles: Bermuda’s Floating Dry Dock 1869

Atlas Obscura: How Clothing Made From Milk Became the Height of Fashion in Mussolini’s Italy

Atlas Obscura: Found: A Lunch Box From 4,000 Years Ago

Troy Hunt: Passwords Evolved: Authentication Guidance for the Modern Era

The Guardian: Mail Rail delivers an underground history lesson at London’s new Postal Museum

BT: Explore the history of the postal service at the Post Office Museum

Atlas Obscura: See London’s Underground ‘Mail Rail,’ Then and Now

The Guardian: Au revoir to the original kilogram: Le Grand K joins the list of relegated metrics

Chemistry World: Game over for original kilogram as metric system overhaul looms

Medievalists.net: A Good Day for a Trebuchet

Co.Design: The Fascinating History of “Designed in California”

Leonard Maltin: The Death of VHS – And What We’ve Lost

IEEE Spectrum: Seymour Cray: The Man Who Brought Style to Supercomputers

SciHi Blog: The Citroën 2CV

First generation “ripple bonnet” Citroën 2CV built from 1949 to 1960
Source: Wikimedia Commons


The first weather forecasts aired on BBC TV 29 July 1949

 Government of Canada: 66. Ottawa Geology (1946)

Linda Hall Library: Scientist of the Day – Henry Shaw

Smithsonian.com: The Painstaking Process of Preserving a 400-Pound Blue Whale Heart

NICHE: Collaborative Landscapes

TrowelBlazers: Audrey Williams

Colonizing Animals: Seeing, Shooting, Saving, Seeing…

trilobite.com: Darwin: L’Origine Della Specie

Linda Hall Library: Scientist of the Day – William A. Mitchell

Atlas Obscura: In Ancient Rome, Citrus Fruits Were Status Symbols

Mental Floss: The Most Important Scientist You’ve Never Heard Of

BJHS Themes: The ‘modern’ management of rats: British agricultural science in farm and field during the twentieth century

OPB: Portland Environmental Journalist Lizzie Grossman Dies at 59

Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Grossman
Island Press

Hektoen International: The anatomy of beauty in nineteenth-century England

New Scientist: DNA of long-dead cows read from pages of Medieval books

Science: Goats, bookworms, a monk’s kiss: Biologists reveal the hidden history of ancient gospels

Academia: A forgotten fossil: The wild Homo calpicus of Gibraltar

ScienceBlog: In Saliva, Clues to a ‘Ghost’ Species of Ancient Human

NCSE: Famous Last Words, Part 2

Henry Drummond (1851–1897)

Atlas Obscura: Found: A Hint of Humans’ Connection to an Ancient ‘Ghost Species’

Arctic Deeply: Introducing an Online Encyclopedia of Inuit Arctic Observations

Newsworks: World weather libraries offer historic clues about climate

Science: The Brain of Hermann von Helmholtz (1899)


IET: Archive Biographies: Sir William de Wiveleslie Abney

AHF: Stanley G. Thompson

CHF: Distillations: A Forgotten Star

While astronomers had been sorting stars by spectra since the mid-1800s, in 1920 Indian polymath Meghnad Saha was the first to recognize that a star’s spectrum indicated its temperature.
CHF Collections; “Voltiana,” Como, Italy—September 10, 1927, issue, courtesy AIP Emilio Segrè Visual Archive

Science Notes: Today in Science History – July 27 – John Dalton

SciHi Blog: Paul Walden and the Walden Inversion

Linda Hall Library: Scientist of the Day – Bertram Boltwood

Voices of the Manhattan Project: William Ginell’s Interview

Science Notes: Today in Science History – July 28 Otto Hahn

AHF: Otto Hahn

SciHi Blog: Ernst Haeckel and the Phyletic Museum


Social History of Medicine: Social History of Medicine in Latin America: A Free Highlight issue of Social History of Medicine for ICHST2017 oa till 30 September 2017

Digital Cavendish Project: Current Publications

Scientific American: Betty Shannon, Unsung Mathematical Genius

Open Culture: Leonardo da Vinci’s Visionary Notebooks Now Online: Browse 570 Digitized Pages

UCL: STS Observatory: Science and the Cold War at UCL. 1. Surveillance

CHSTM: Science in the Age of Invincible Surmise

Medium: The Fifteenth Century is the Most Interesting Century

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine: Hidden Figures Wins Best Book Award From Academies

The Public Domain Review: Out From Behind the Mask

SciHi Blog: Karl Popper and the Philosophy of Science

Royal College of Physicians: Finding maths in the RCP library: some 16th century rare books

Blink: The tuning of electric suns

The Irish Times: History of Science Museums, Europe and the US


Conciatore: Sal Ammoniac

Conciatore: Alchemy School

Frontispiece woodcut from
De Chemia Senioris, by Zadith ben Hamuel, 1566

Conciatore: Filippo Sassetti

Renaissance Hub: Alchemical Texts in Early Modern England


Science News: This history book offers excellent images but skimps on modern science

Early Canadian History: Time and a Place: An Environmental History of Prince Edward Island – A Review

BJPS: Marcel Boumans // Science outside the Laboratory

Public Books: On The Origin of Extinction

adamtornhill.com: A Mind at Play: How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age by Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman

New Scientist: An elementary history lesson

h-madness: Nina Salouâ Studer, The Hidden Patients. North African Women in French Colonial Psychiatry

sharedconversations: The Greeks didn’t have a word for it

The Guardian: Stephen McGann: ‘My lot walked, my lot starved’

New Books Network: TRANS/gressive: How Transgender Activists Took on Gay Rights, Feminism, the Media & Congress…and Won!

LA Review of Books: Deprovincializing Philosophy


Routledge: Cultural Histories, Memories and Extreme Weather: A Historical Geography Perspective

CUP: Feeding France: New Science of Food, 1760–1815

Springer: Executing Magic in the Modern Era

Penguin Random House: The Book That Changed America: How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Ignited a Nation

Andrew Isles: Eye for Detail: Images of Plants and Animals in Art and Science, 1500–1630

OUP: Malleable Anatomies: Models, Makers, and Material Culture in Eighteenth-Century Italy

MIT Press: Vivarium: Experimental, Quantitative, and Theoretical Biology at Vienna’s Biologische Versuchsanstalt

Palgrave Macmillan: John Clare: Nature, Criticism and History


Zaha Hadid Architects: Mathematics: The Winton gallery at the Science Museum shortlisted for “World Interior of the Year”

Imperial War Museum: Secret War

IET: Archives online exhibitions

Philly.com: Decay, rot on display at Chemical Heritage Museum

Environment & Society Portal: Virtual Exhibitions: The Northwest Passage: Myth Environment, and Resources

Circumpolar routes. The map shows the different shipping routes across the Arctic. Source: Arctic Council, “Circumpolar Routes,” Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment 2009 Report, available at arcticdata.is.

Tampa Bay History Center: The Florida-Cuba Connection 4 July 2017–28 January 2018

Osher Map Library: Online Exhibits: Local Boosters, Historians, and Engineers Map Antebellum Portland Maine

Musée « La Boverie » de Liège: La leçon d’Anatomie – 500 ans d’histoire de la médecine 21 Juni 2017–17 Septembre 2017

Royal Botanical Gardens Kew: Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker – Trailblazing global botanist and explorer

BBC News: Whaling’s ‘uncomfortable’ legacy

University of Otago Library: Special Collections Exhibitions: Intrepid Journeys: Travelling with the Hakluyt Society 16 June–8 September 2017

Musée Barrois, Bar-le-Duc: Inventer pour guérir. François Humbert (1776-1850), une aventure médicale meusienne 27 Mai–23 Septembre

Wellcome Collection: A museum of modern nature 22 June–8 October 2017

BBC News: Captain Cook Birthplace Museum reopens after revamp

Royal Museums Greenwich: Maritime Memories Machine Tour 8 June–27 August 2017

Bletchley Park: Bill Tutte: Mathematician + Codebreaker 15 May 2017–15 May 2019

Berwick Museum & Art Gallery: Bright Lights in the Borders 3 June–30 September 2017

National Maritime Museum Greenwich: Death in the ice: the shocking story of Franklin’s final expedition 14 July 2017–7 January 2018

Medium: Biggest-ever display of fossil hominins opens

Garden Museum: Tradescant’s Orchard: A Celebration of Botanical Art: May–September 2017

Painting from the Tradescants’ Orchard

Union College, NY: Maps hold key to Adirondacks history in new exhibit runs till 29 September 2017

Cal Welch ’62 and his daughter, Caroline ’01, discuss new exhibit at the Kelly Adirondack Center – See more at: https://www.union.edu/news/stories/2017/05/maps-hold-key-to-adirondacks-history-in-new-exhibit.php#sthash.U5q1qh7d.dpuf

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow: Museum Collection: Explore highlights from our collection

Nursing Clio: War Art 100 Years Later: The “World War I and American Art” Exhibit and the Centenary of the Great War

The University of Manchester: Manchester Museum: Object Lessons

Le Devoir: Le Musée de la civilisation dévoile toutes les couleurs de la matière grise

The Australian: Hadron Collider show reveals art of science at Sydney Powerhouse Museum

Royal Museums Greenwich: Do the Ultimate Time Trail

National Railway Museum: National Railway Museum marks historic First World War centenary with new exhibition

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia: Digital Library: Under the Influence of the Heavens: Astrology in Medicine in the 15th and 16th Centuries

Uzeeum: House of Wax: Anatomical, Pathological, and Ethnographic Waxworks from Castan’s Panopticum, Berlin, 1869–1922

Until Darwin: Maria Martin Bachman’s sketches and paintings for Audubon: On-line Exhibition from the Charleston County Public Library

Royal College of Physicians: “Anatomy as Art” Facsimile Display Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm

Hyperallergic: A 19th-Century Photographer of Scottish Industrialization Gets His First Survey

The Guardian: Designers on acid: the tripping Californians who paved the way to our touchscreen world

Teylers Museum: De Lorentz Formule in Het Lorentz Lab 18 May 2017–18 May 2020

Wollaton Hall Nottingham: Dinosaurs of China 1 July–29 October 2017

Science Museum: The Festival of Britain – a meeting of science and art

U.S.News: New Kensington Museum Preserves Computing Relics

 Sanofi Pasteur: The Legacy Project

The Recipes Project: Artifacts at an Exhibition: The Art and Science of Healing at the University of Michigan

Het Scheep Vaart Museum: Blaeu’s Wereld In Kaart 14 April–31 December 2017

Le Soleil: 400 ans de pharmacie

Royal Cornwall Museum: The Medicine Man – A Spotlight on Richard Lander March–September 2017

The Gibbes Museum of Art: Artist, Scientist, Explorer: Mark Catesby in the Carolinas 12 May–24 September 2017

The Guardian: Mat Collishaw restages 1839 photography show in virtual reality

Arizona State University: Rare ASU map collection reveals truths about history of American Southwest

Old Operating Theatre: Virtual Tour

Criminal Corpses: Harnessing the Power of the Criminal Corpses – Online Exhibition

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew: Joseph Hooker: Putting plants in their place 25 March–17 September 2017

Daguerreotype of J.D. Hooker by William Edward Kilburn, circa 1852

IET: Archives: Online Exhibitions

Oxford Today: Volcanoes – from catastrophe to the sublime

The British Museum: Where the Thunderbird lives: cultural resilience on the Northwest Coast of North America 23 February–27 August 2017

American Museum of Natural History: Mummies Opens Now

Biodiversity Library Exhibition: Early Women in Science

Maria Emma Gray (1787–1876), was an English conchologist and algologist

SD Times: Computer History Museum debuts Make Software exhibit

Harvard Map Collection: Exhibition Analysis 1: Commemorative and Humanitarian Disasters

University of Southern Maine: Osher Map Library to celebrate new exhibition “To Conquer or Submit? American views the Great War” 100 years after U.S. involvement in WWI

St John’s College: Under the Knife at St John’s: New exhibition showcases a medical history of disease and dissection

Boston Public Library: Exhibition: Regions and Seasons: Mapping Climate through History 4 March–27 August 2017

Osher Map Library: The Northwest Passage: Navigating Old Beliefs and New Realities

Adler Planetarium: Chasing Eclipses Opening 25 March 2017

Hyperallergic: When Dissection Was a Criminal Punishment Worse Than Death

Advances in the History of Psychology: New Book & Touring Exhibit on Ramón y Cajal: The Beautiful Brain

The Sydney Morning Herald: Beauty in Science


Palaeo Manchester: Object Lessons exhibition: – Opens 20 May 2017

Brendel plant models. Image courtesy of Rosamond Purcell

Brendel plant models.
Image courtesy of Rosamond Purcell

Linda Hall Library: Connecting the Dots: The Science of CSI 16 March–1 September 2017

The Orange County Register: CSUF’s Pollak Library presents a special program and exhibit on the art of map making

Djournal.com: 200 years of statehood: Ole Miss puts history on display for bicentennial

American Museum of Natural History: Natural Histories: 400 Years of Scientific Illustration from the Museum’s Library

Daily Titan: New CSUF exhibit maps out California’s history

Stedelijk Studies: Vestiges of 125,660 Specimens of Natural History

heritage.utah.gov: Utah Drawn: An Exhibition of Rare Maps Opens: 27 January 2017

Colonizing Animals: Historical Pose-abilities of Colonial Photography

Royal Museums Greenwich: Endeavour galleries: Launches 2018

Hyperallergic: When Art Was the Scientist’s Eye: 400 Years of Natural History Illustrations

Frog dissection illustration from the book “Historia naturalis ranarum nostratium…(Natural history of the native frogs…)” from 1758 (© AMNH\D. Finnin)

Frog dissection illustration from the book “Historia naturalis ranarum nostratium…(Natural history of the native frogs…)” from 1758 (© AMNH\D. Finnin)

Orpiment: Prehistoric Animals: A series of illustrations by David Roland


Centrum für Naturkunde, Universität Hamburg: 19 Oktober 2017 – 28 Februar 2018: Tieranatomisches Theater, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: Frühling/Sommer 2018: Verschwindende Vermächtnisse: Die Welt als Wald

ICE: ICE Bridge Engineering exhibition

AHF: Los Alomos History Museum Reopens

Linda Hall Library: Online Exhibition: Ice Victorian Romance

Exhibition: Enlightened Princesses: Caroline, Augusta, Charlotte, and the Shaping of the Modern World: Kensington Palace, London, June 22–November 12, 2017

Utah Capitol Building: Utah Dawn: An Exhibition of Rare Maps 27 January–Late Summer 2017

BHL: Poetic Botany: A Digital Exhibition Celebrating the History of Botany

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek: Bilderwelten: Aufbruch zu Neuen Ufern: Mitteleuropäische Buchmalerei 1400–1540

Science Museum: Mathematics – The Winton Gallery


Harvard Gazette: The story of Edwin Land

The National Museum of Computing: 1950’s celebrity robot goes on world tour

Causway Coast Community: County Antrim adventurer’s royal maps will graphically outline history

Bradbury Science Museum: Fifty years of nuclear safeguards

Cambridge Digital Library: Browse our collections: Curious Objects

Leek Post & Times: Mary A Blagg the Cheadle Astronomer honoured at Cheadle Discovery Centre exhibition

The Arctic Journal: Northwest Passages: Pre-factual cartography

Royal College of Physicians: ‘a cabinet of rarities’: the curious collection of Sir Thomas Browne 30 January–27 July 2017

past@present: Women in Science: The Stories Are All Around Us

Exhibition open 15 September 2016 through Summer 2017

Exhibition open 15 September 2016 through Summer 2017

Poetic Botany: Art & Science of the Eighteenth-Century Vegetable World

Gallica Rose

Gallica Rose

American Museum of Natural History: Opulent Oceans

Historical Medical Library: Online Exhibition: Under the Influence of the Heavens: Astrology in Medicine in the 15th and 16th Centuries

Museum of Science and Industry: Meet Baby Meet Baby Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday

Natural History Museum: Bauer Brothers art exhibition Runs till 26 February 2017 

Science Museum: Information Age

Science Museum: Robots

Science Museum: Fox Talbot: Dawn of the Photograph

Science Museum: Einstein’s Legacy

Science Museum: Journeys Through Medicine

Science Museum: Cosmos & Culture

Science Museum: Challenge of Materials

Science Museum: The Clockmakers’ Museum

Science Museum: Making the Modern World

Science Museum: Flight

Science Museum: Exploring Space

Science Museum: Mathematics: The Winton Gallery

Royal College of Physicians: ‘a cabinet of rarities’: the curious collection of Sir Thomas Browne 30 January–27 July 2017

Ottawa Insider: Improved Science & Tech Museum Opening November 2017 


The Guardian: ‘Nobody has one button’: Steve Jobs opera sings Apple founder’s praises – and flaws

The Catholic Astronomer: The Heart of an Explorer: A reflection on the Futore Exploration of Mars In Light of the Lost City of Z

V&A: Ocean Liners: Speed & Style Opening 3 February 2018

The Map Room: A Turkish Piri Reis Documentary is Coming

Variety: Paramount, Lorne Michaels Developing Autism Book ‘Neurotribes’ as Movie

BBC News: Britain’s great explorations now online

PBS: American Experience: Rachel Carson: She set out to save a species…us.

Youtube: Kepler’s Trial

Gielgud Theatre: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Booking to 03 June 2017

The Regal Theatre: The Trials of Galileo International Tour March 2014­–December 2017


The National Archives: PAST Introduction to Archival Research 12 October 2017

NYAM: Lecture Series: Who Controls Women’s Health? A Century of Struggle 22 August, 12 September, 5 October 2017

BSHS: Events at the Museum of the History of Science Oxford July–September 2017

NYAM: Upcoming Events

NYAM: Talk: Get Me Out: Childbirth in Early 20th Century NYC 22 August 2017

NYAM: Summer & Fall 2017 Catalog of Events

Royal Museums Greenwich: One-day course: Sir John Franklin’s Artic exploration 25 July and 21 October 2017

Cardiff Naturalist Society: Cardiff Naturalist Society marks 150th Anniversary with a series of fascinating events

CHF: History Lab: Fiction and the Future 12 August 2017

The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh: Fashionable Medicine: syphilis, Spas and Melancholy 8-12 August 2017

Sea Trek: Cruise: In Search of Wallace and His Living Treasures with Dr. George Beccaloni 13–24 January 2018 $$$

Notches: Walking Tour: Gentrification and Queer Erasure in Roanoke, Virginia

Discover Medical London: London’s Medical Cabinets of Curiosity

New Scientist Discovery: The Science of the Renaissance: 8 Day Tour Departure: 2 November 2017 £££

Morbid Anatomy Museum: Events

Royal College of Physicians: Upcoming Events

The Warburg Institute: Maps and Society Lectures 26th Series Programme 2016–2017

Museum of Science and Industry Manchester: Engine Demonstration

The National Museum of Computing: Guided Tours

Gresham College: Future Lectures (some #histSTM)

Glasgow: Science on the Streets – Free Walking Tour


Johannes Kepler
Source: Wikimedia Commons


BBC FOUR: Hyper Evolution: Rise of the Robots

Nature: Climate change: Al Gore gets inconvenient again



Youtube: Birth Stories: ‘Networks, specimens and data: understanding quins in the late 18th century’

Youtube: James Poskett: How a Printing Press Works

Youtube: Galileo and Medieval Science by James Hannam

Youtube: Trees & Wood: Forest Industries & Forestry – 1946 Educational Film

Youtube: Micro Men


Ben Franklin’s World: We Are One: Mapping America’s Road from Revolution to Independence

Radio Canada: En 1885, une émeute antivaccination éclatait à Montréal


Royal Holloway, University of London: CfP: Workshop: Animals and Emotions in History 17 November 2017

Contagions: CfP: Contagions sessions at the International Congress for Medieval Studies 2018

Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine; Oxford University: Knowledge in Context: Colloquium in Honour of Laurence Brockliss and Colin Jones 22–23 September 2017

The Royal Society: Conference: Joseph Banks: Science, Culture and Exploration, 1743–1820 14–15 September 2017

University of Oxford: Workshop: Digital Approaches to the History of Science 28 September 2017

Western University London, Ontario: Women Intellectuals in 18th Century Germany 20-21 October 2017

BSHS: Call for nominations for the 2017 BSHM Neuman Prize

Centre Alexandre-Koyré, Paris: Actualités et appels à contribution: Actualités et appels à contribution: Journées d’études – Éditer l’histoire des sciences (France, XXème siècle) 14 et 15 septembre 2017

The Open University: CfP: Conference: Medieval and Early Modern Spaces and Places 23 February 2018

University of Leeds: CfP: Get Real! Realism as a goal for the sciences and for HPS 19–20 September 2017

O Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical da Universidade Nova de Lisboa: Abertas as inscrições para o workshop ‘História da Medicina Tropical’ 14 e 15 de dezembro de 2017

The Science Museum: Workshop: The British Post Office in the Telecommunications Era 31 August 2017

Le premier numéro de la revue Doc.Eu: Appel à contributions: Représentations du corps dans les sciences humaines et sociales Réception de l’article : 14 août 2017 au plus tard

Notches: CfP: Transgender Histories

BMJ Medical Humanities: CfP: Special Issue: Pain and its Pardoxes Deadline 1 August 2017

Intellect Journals: CfP: Journal of Science & Popular Culture

Ordered Universe: Publications

Toronto, Ontario: Preliminary Program: HSS Annual Meeting 9–12 November 2017

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow: CfP: Cannabis: Global Histories 19–20 April 2018 Deadline 15 January 2018

Societate și Politică: CfP: Rewrite Conflicts: The Role of Losers, Heretics, and Outsiders in the History of Medicine Deadline 15 December 2017

University of Exeter: Symposium: Medical Practice in Early Modern Britain in Comparative Perspective 4–6 September 2017

BPS: A BPS Flagship Event: Women in Psychology: From Invisibility to Influence 19 October 2017

ESA: History of Europe in space: Call for Contributions: ESA History Project Deadline 30 July 2017

University of Düsseldorf: CfP: The Generalized Theory of Evolution 31 January–3 February 2018

BJHP: CfP: Special Issue: Women and the History of Philosophy Deadline 31 January 2018

The American University of Paris: Appel à communications: Conférence internationale pluridisciplinaire d’histoire de la sexologie: Sexologies et théories de la sexualité. Traduction, appropriation, problématisation, médicalisation 30-31 Octobre 2017 Soumission des propositions 15 Juillet 2017

Ecole des Mines Paris Tech: Appel à communications: Techno*Care / Les technologies du « care » en santé 12 décembre 2017 avant le 14 juillet 2017 

UCL Health Humanities Centre: Exploring Transcultural Histories of Psychotherapies 8 July 2017

Numéro de la revue Itinéraires 2018-2: Appel à articles: Le merveilleux scientifique en spectacle (1850-1940) Date limite de réception des propositions : 14 juillet 2017

BSHS: Literary Agents Seek History of Science Authors

King’s University College London, Ontario: CSTHA: Appel à communiquer: Innovation ou aberration? Les significations historiques de l’échec scientifique et technologique 3–5 November 2017 Date limite: 30 juin 2017

Rice University: CfP: Medicine and Healing in the Age of Slavery 23–24 February 2018 Deadline 15 September 2017

Early Modern Low Countries: Call for Articles: A multidisciplinary open access journal dedicated to the study of the early modern Low Countries

Pittsburgh, PA: CfP: 2018 NEMLA Conference: (Im)possible Bodies: Spaces and the Body in Early Modern Europe Deadline 29 September 2017

Unsettling Scientific Stories: Conference: Imagining the History of the Future 27–29 March 2018

University of Oxford: CfP: Conference: The Human Body and World War II 23–24 March 2018 Deadline 1 October 2017

University of Padua: CfP: ESA History Conference 23–24 November 2017 Deadline 30 July 2017

The Historic Dockyard, Chatham: Hakluyt Society Symposium 2017: Trading Companies and Travel Literature 11–12 September 2017

Trivent Publishing Series: History and Archaeology: Call for Contributions: Same Bodies, Different Women: Witches, Whores, and Handicapped

University of Kent: History of Medicine and Health – MA

Lady Science: Seeking Writers for Technological Memoir Special Series

University of York: Translating Medicine in the Pre-Modern World c. 1350–1800: A new collaborative project to be kickstarted with two conferences

International History of Cartography: Future Venues: 27th Conference Belo Horizonte, Brazil 9-14 July 2017 28th Conference Amsterdam, The Netherlands 14-19 July 2019

University of Leeds: Call of Participants: Interdisciplinarity in Practice: Medical Humanities Research Workshop for PGRs 7 September 2017

University of Greenwich: The State of Maritime Research 9 September 2017

University of Turku: CfP: Interdisciplinary Conference: Re-imagining the Christian Body 2-3 November 2017

Palgrave Communications: CfP (Special Issue): Socioeconomic Factors and Mental Health: Past and Present

Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, London: CfP: Controlling ‘Unseen’ Contagion: Disease, citizenship and mobility

Christ Church, University of Oxford: Interdisciplinary Symposium: Past and Present: Narratives of Progress and Decline in Nineteenth-Century 19 March 2018

NICHE: Seed2: Call for Pitches: New Research in Environmental History

Utrecht University: CfP: Funding bodies and late modern science 30 November–1 December 2017 Deadline 15 June 2017

Uppsaala University: CfP: Workshop: Vaccines: Values, Present and Past 23–24 November 2017 Deadline 9 June 2017

Columbia University: The Center for Science and Society: Science and Art Events in New York City

Johns Hopkins University: Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of Medicine 13–14 October 2017 Deadline 5 June 2017

Amsterdam: CfP: Materia Medica on the Move II 4–6 October 2017 Deadline 19 June 2017

University of Trondheim: The 11th International Conference on the History of Chemistry 29 August–1 September 2017

Belo Horizonte: International Conference for the History of Cartography Programme 9–14 July 2017

Harvard University: CfP: Medical Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Environmental Conference 2017 29–30 September 2017

Philadelphia Pennsylvania: CfP: Measure, Model, Mix: Computer as Instrument 2017 SIGCIS Conference 29 October 2017 Deadline 30 June 2017

Society of Architectural Historians, Saint Paul, Minnesota: CfP: A Matter of Life and Death: Spaces for Healing in the Premodern Era 18–22 April 2018 Deadline 15 June 2017

Stevens Institute of Technology: CfP: Technologies of Frankenstein 1818–­2018 7–9 March 2018

University of Greenwich: CfP: The State of Maritime History Research 9 September 2017 Deadline 1 June 2017

Université Paris Descartes, Sorbonne Paris Cité: Appel à communications: Monde du sport, monde de la santé : quelles relations, quels croisements? 16 et 17 novembre 2017 au plus tard le 3 juillet 2017

Uppsala University: Conference: CfP: Making It Up: Histories of Research Integrity and Fraud in Scientific Practice 12–14 April 2018 Deadline 15 May 2017

Edinburgh: CfP: Pamphleteering Culture, 1558–1702 30 September 2017 Deadline 30 June 2017

Tsinghua University: Symposium: Frontier in the Philosophy of Specific Sciences 19–20 August 2017

Johns Hopkins University: CfP: Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of Medicine 13–14 October 2017 Deadline 15 June 2017

Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh: CfP: International Symposium: Building the Scottish Diaspora 17–18 November 2017 Deadline 24 July 2017

University of Sevilla: Workshop: Mathematics and Mechanics in the Newtonian Age: historical and philosophical questions 18–20 September 2017

Harvard University: CfP: Medical Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Environment 29–30 September 2017 Deadline 15 June 2017

Angoulême: Appel à communications: Corps handicapés, corps mutilés dans la bande dessinée 29-30 novembre et 1er décembre 2017

University of Cambridge: CfP: Histories of Anthropology: Transforming Knowledge and Power (1870–1970)

Remedia: CfP: Themed Series: Managing Women’s Health

Fondation Singer-Polignac, Paris: Appel à communications: L’Oeil du XIXe siècle 26-29 mars 2018

University of Edinburgh: CfP: Conference: Pamphleteering Culture, 1558–1702 30 September 2017 Deadline 30 June 2017

University of Montréal: Conference: Early Modern ‘Transformissions’ Linguistic, material, and cultural translation in England and France (c.1470–1660) 5-7 July 2017

Libori Summer School 2017: Émilie du Châtelet on Matter, Bodies, Forces, and Motion Part II 23–28 July 2017 Deadline 15 July 2017

Open University of the Netherlands: CfP: The Icon as Cultural Model: Past, Present and Future 23–26 January 2018 Deadline 1 July 2017

TU Delft and Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam: CfP: EAHN: The Tools of the Architect 22–24 November 2017 Deadline 15 May 2017

RDS Dublin: CfP: Annual Conference of the History of Science, Technology & Medicine Network of Ireland 13–14 October 2017 Deadline 26 May 2017

Hakluyt Society Blog: CfP: Hakluyt Society Symposium 2017: Trading Companies and Travel Literature 11–12 September 2017 Deadline 30 April 2017

Rutgers University: CfP: Workshop: Method and Analysis of Syriac texts

University of Oxford: The Bountiful Sea Conference: Fish processing and consumption in Mediterranean antiquity 6–8 September 2017

Academia: Scientiae 2017 Programme

St Anne’s College, Oxford: Constructing Scientific Communities: Science, Medicine and Culture in the Nineteenth Century: Seminars for Trinity Term 2017

Insitute of Historical Research: School of Advanced Study, University of London: Food History

University of Sevilla, Institute of Mathematics: CfP: Workshop: Mathematics and Mechanics in the Newtonian Age: historical and philosophical question 18-20 Sept. 2017

University of London: Institute of Historical Research: CfP: The Hakluyt Symposium 2017: Trading Companies and Travel Literature 11–12 September 2017 Deadline 30 April 2017

Scottish Universities Insight Institute, University of Strathclyde: CfP: Understanding the Intersection of Alcoholism, Stigma, and Disability: Past and Present 1–2 March 2018 Deadline 3 July 2017

University of Kent: CfP: Hakluyt Society Symposium 2017: Trading Companies and Travel Literature 11–12 September 2017

APS: 2017 History of Physics Essay Contest Deadline 1 September 2017

SHMCNG, Archives départementales Nîmes: Appel à communications: Hygiène et santé en Bas-Languedoc oriental du XVIIIe siècle aux lendemains du premier conflit mondial la fin septembre 2017

Madison Wisconsin: Conference: CfP: Book History and Digital Humanities 22–24 September 2017 Deadline 15 April 2017

EUI – History of Science: #BSHSPG2017 programme is out

Royal Air Force Museum: Conference: Air Power in an Age of Uncertainty 29 September 2017

Manchester Medieval Society: New Seminar Series: Connecting ‘Medieval’ Worlds

Masaryk Institute and Archives of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague: Conference: Scientists and “Third World Countries” in the 1960s to 1980s 23–24 November 2017

Université de Genève: Appel à communication: Produire du nouveau ? Arts – Techniques – Sciences en Europe (1400-1900) 23–25 novembre 2017 avant le 15 mars 2017

University of Bern: Conference: Thinking about Space and Time: 100 Years of Applying and Interpreting General Relativity 13–15 September 2017

University of Colorado in Boulder: CfP: 33rd Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science 13–15 October 2017 Deadline 1 June 2017

Philosophia Scientiae: Journal CfP

Surgeons’ Hall, Edinburgh: CfP: British Society for the History of Medicine Congress 13–16 September 2017 Deadline 31 May 2017

Sheraton City Centre, Toronto: CfP: History of Science Society (HSS) 2017 Conference 19–121 November 2017 Deadline 3 April 2017

NYAM: Public Programs

New College, Oxford: CfP: Patient Voices: Historical and Ethical Engagement with Patient Experiences of Healthcare, 1850–1948 18–19 September 2017 Deadline 1 April 2017

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens: Conference: Borders and Technology 7–10 September 2017

NACBS Denver: CfP: Workshops on Early Modern Bodies and Cultures of Imperialism November 2017 Deadline 30 March 2017

New College, University of Oxford: CfP: Patient Voices: Historical and Ethical Engagement with Patient Experiences of Healthcare, 1850–1948 18–19 September 2017 Deadline 1 April 2017

Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile: Conference: KNOWLEDGE/CULTURE/ECOLOGIES – KCE2017 15–18 November 2017

NICHE: New Scholars Call for Participants: Digital #EnvHist Meeting, Current Climate e-Roundtable, and ASEH Warm-up

Notches: CfP: Histories of Sex and Sexuality in Central and Eastern Europe

University of Göttingen: Summer School: The Material Culture of Exploration and Academic Travel 1700–1900 24–29 July 2017

Royal Historical Society: New Historical Perspectives: Accepting Proposals from Early Career Historian

CHF: The Decay Project: Call for Entries

Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre, Zeist: Call for Applications: TransPositions Summer School 2017: Sensible Objects, Material Engagement, Skilled Expertise 21–25 August 2017

Université McGill, Montréal: 85e congrès de l’ACFAS: Appel à communications: Les infirmières de la folie. Histoire et évolution des soins infirmiers en psychiatrie au sein de l’espace francophone

University of Manchester: CHSTM seminar series

Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf: Vortrags- und Sektionsanmeldungen für die erste Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft in Münster vom 22.-24. September 2017: Wissenschafts-, Medizin- und Technikreflexion auf dem Prüfstand: Historische und aktuelle Herausforderungen

IUHMSP, Lausanne: Séminaire de recherche en histoire et études sociales de la médecine, de la santé, et des sciences du vivant: Semestre de printemps 2017

University of Münster, Germany: CfP: Contemplating Science, Medicine, and Technology: Past and Present Challenges 22–24 September 2017 Deadline 1 March 2017

American Academy of Religion: Annual Meeting Boston MA 18-21 November 2017 CfP: Western Esotericism Unit

Université McGill, Montréal: Appel à contribution: Les infirmières de la folie: Histoire et évolution des soins infirmiers en psychiatrie au sein de l’espace francophone 8 et 9 mai 2017 avant le 20 février 2017

BSHS: Themes: Call for Proposals

IRSPUM, Montréal: La santé en débat: Programme de l’Hiver 2017

The Collation: Announcing a New Folger Fellowship in Honor of Margaret Hannay

SHOT 2017: CfP. Thinking with Ann Johnson Philadelphia 26–29 October 2017

NACBS Denver: CfP: Early Modern History Workshop: Bodies Corporeal and Rhetorical 3–5 November 2017 Deadline 3 March 2017

The Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at Boston Public Library: Teacher Workshop: Mapping a New World: Places of Colonization and Conflict in 17th-Century New England 9–14 July 2017 National Participants 23–28 July 2017 Commuting Participants Applications Deadline 1 March 2017

Bucharest, Romania: CfP: Biennial Conference of the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health (EAHMH): The Body Politic: States in the History of Medicine and Health 30 August–2 September 2017 New Deadline 31 January 2017

Cornell University: The Richardson History of Psychiatry Research Seminar Spring 2017

BNF/Université Paris-Descartes-USPC: Colloque international: Appel à communications: Alfred Binet, expérimentateur. Entre archives de la psychologie et éducation physique 12–13 Octobre 2017 Avant le 31 janvier 2017

Société de Démographie Historique, Centre Roland Mousnier, Paris: Appel à communications: Le sang. Famille, parenté, transmission du Moyen Âge à nos jours 23–24 novembre 2017 Date limite de l’appel : 15 janvier 2017

Merida, Yucatan, Mexico: CfP: “IX International and Interdisciplinary Conference: Alexander von Humboldt and Travellers Through Yucatan”, 19–24 November 2018 Deadline 29 May 2017

Centre for Global Health Histories, Department of History, University of York: Call for applications: William Bynum Essay Prize (Medical History)

University of California, Berkeley: 2017 4S Conference Proposal Submission Dates

Historiens de la santé: CfP: Edited Collection: Medicine and What it Means to be Human

University of Utrecht: CfP: Workshop: Histories of Measurement and Self-making 29–30 June 2017 Deadline 6 January 2017

Journal 18: a journal of eighteenth-century art and culture: CfP: #3 Lifelike (Spring 2017) #4 East-Southeast (Fall 2017) #5 Coordinates (Spring 2018) #6 Albums (Fall 2018)

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science: CfP:Workshop: Estimated Truths: Water, Science, and the Politics of Approximation 16-17August 2017

The Göttingen Institute of Advanced Study: CfP: Mapping the Territory: Exploring People and Nature, 1700–1830 Two Conferences Berne 14–16 September 2017 Göttingen 7–9 December 2017 Deadline 20 January 2017

Manchester Conference Centre: CfP: Genealogies of Knowledge I: Translating Political and Scientific Thought across Time and Space 7–9 December 2017 Deadline 15 February 2017

SSHM: CfP: Biennial Conference of the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health (EAHMH) 30 August–2 September 2017 Deadline 31 January 2017

Septièmes journées internationales d’études médiévales des Jeunes Chercheurs Médiévistes de l’Université de Genève & de la Conférence universitaire de Suisse occidentale: Appel à communications: Vivre et mourir au Moyen Âge 9-10 mars 2017 avant le 1er décembre 2016

University of Ghent: Program Seminar in History and Philosophy of Science 2016–2017

Transversal: CfP: Special Issue on Historiography of Medicine Deadline 31 July 2017 Publication December 2017

Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science: 57th Annual Program 2016–2017

Kraków Poland: CfP. 6th Conference of the European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences 20-22 September 2017

Philadelphia, PA: RBS Mellon Conference: CfP: Resembling Science: The Unruly Object across the Disciplines 12–15 October 2017

University of Ghent: Concepts and methods in philosophy and history of science: Calendar, 2016–2017

Friends of Birmingham Museums and Arts Gallery (BMAG): Looking for speakers for their Science Shorts series in March, June, September and December 2017

The History of Modern Biomedicine: CfP: Frontiers in Pharmacology: Pharmaceutical innovation after World War II: from rational drug discovery to biopharmaceuticals

Ryerson University (Toronto): Appel à communications: Congrès annuel de la Société canadienne d’histoire de la médecine: L’épopée d’une histoire: 150 ans vers l’avenir 27–29 mai 2017

University of Warwick: CfP: Cultures of Exclusion in the Early Modern World: Enemies and Strangers, 1600–1800

King’s College London: ChoSTM Seminar Programme 2016–2017

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin: Workshop: Turkish Manuscript Studies: An Introduction 27 March–1 April 2017 Deadline 27 November 2017

UCL: STS: Seminar Series Spring 2017

Erasmus University Rotterdam: CfP: Fourth Annual Conference on the History of Recent Social Science

University of Exeter: EPSA 17: CfP: The Sixth Biennial Conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association 6-9 September 2017 Deadline 5 January 2017

University of Kiel: CfP: 9th International Congress on Traditional Asian Medicines (ICTAM IX) 6–12 August 2017: Asian Medicines: Encounters, Translations and Transformations Deadline 1 November 2016

‘Carol Davila’ University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest: Biennial Conference of the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health (EAHMH): CfP: The Body Politic: States in the History of Medicine and Health 30 August-2 September 2017 Deadline 1 January 2017

BSHS: University College London: 8th International Conference for the European Society for the History of Science: Unity and Disunity 15–17 September 2018

Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS: CfP: 49th Annual Meeting of Cheiron: The International Society for the History of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Institute of Historical Research, University of London: Maritime History and Culture Seminar 2016–17

FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia: Applications to Fernando Gil International Prize in Philosophy of Science 2017

Sheikh Zayed Theatre, London: The Forum for European Philosophy Women in Science Forthcoming Events

Royal Museums Greenwich: CfP: Conference: Joseph Banks, Science, Culture and Exploration 14–15 September 2017

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim: CFP: 11th International Conference on the History of Chemistry 29 August–2 September 2017

University of Edinburgh: Science, Technology and Innovation Studies Seminar Series 2016/17

Trivium, Tampere Centre for Classical, Medieval, and Early Modern Studies: CfP: Religious and/or Medicinal definitions of Otherness Deadline 23 September 2016

Institut Pasteur de Lille: Conférences d’histoire de la médecine de Lille Programme des conférences 2016 – 2017


Archives and Records: CfP: Special issue on ‘Archives and Museums’, spring 2018

King’s College London: CHoSTM Seminar Programme 2016–2017

Royal Museums Greenwich: AHRC Funded Research Network Project: Joseph Banks, Science, Culture and the Remaking of the Indo-Pacific World

University of Pittsburgh: Center for Philosophy of Science 57th Annual Lecture Series 2016–17

ICHST “2017: Symposium Proposals Approved by IPC

University of Durham: Conference: Quo Vadis Selective Scientific Realism? 5–7 August 2017

EOI: Call for Expressions of Interest: Learned societies and the circulation of knowledge, 1750-2000 From Aileen Fyfe and Jenny Beckman

Berlin –Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaft: Project: Galen of Pergamum: The Transmission, Interpretation and Completion of Ancient Medicine

Centre de Russie pour la Science et la Culture, Paris: Appel à communications: “L’Homme dans le monde de l’incertitude. Méthodologie de la cognition culturelle et historique”. Colloque international pour le 120e anniversaire de la naissance de Lev Vygotsky 13 octobre 2016

Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science: Upcoming Events

Everything Early Modern Women: CfP: The Body and Spiritual Experience: 1500–1700 (RSA 2017)

University of Ghent: Program Seminar in History and Philosophy of Science 2016–2017

Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science: 57th Annual Program 2016–2017

Kraków Poland: CfP. 6th Conference of the European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences 20-22 September 2017

Philadelphia, PA: RBS Mellon Conference: CfP: Resembling Science: The Unruly Object across the Disciplines 12–15 October 2017

University of Ghent: Concepts and methods in philosophy and history of science: Calendar, 2016–2017

Friends of Birmingham Museums and Arts Gallery (BMAG): Looking for speakers for their Science Shorts series in March, June, September and December 2017

Ryerson University (Toronto): Appel à communications: Congrès annuel de la Société canadienne d’histoire de la médecine: L’épopée d’une histoire: 150 ans vers l’avenir 27–29 mai 2017

King’s College London: ChoSTM Seminar Programme 2016–2017


UCL: STS vacancies




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1 Response to Whewell’s Gazette: Year 03, Vol. #50

  1. Laurence Cox says:

    I am not surprised that The H-Word blog gets fewer visits than other other Guardian Science blogs. If you do not have it bookmarked, it is almost impossible to find. I cannot remember the last time I saw one of their articles featured and I read The Guardian online almost every day. I think that the standard of their coverage of science in general has been getting poorer since Katharine Viner replaced Alan Rusbridger as editor.

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